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Pro-Trump GOP Candidate Slammed For Suggesting There Was Foul Play In Herman Cain's Death

Pro-Trump GOP Candidate Slammed For Suggesting There Was Foul Play In Herman Cain's Death
Paras Griffin/Getty Images, Scott Olson/Getty Images

On Thursday, July 30, former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain passed away due to complications related to the virus.

Shortly afterward, ardent Trump supporter and Congressional candidate Angela Stanton King caused a controversy when she implied online that Cain's death wasn't accidental.

King wrote on Twitter that while Democrats and celebrities all recover from the virus, Cain (a Republican) died.

Therefore, they must be behind his death.

King later doubled down.

She claimed Cain couldn't have contracted the virus when he attended President Trump's Tulsa rally because "White folks" are less likely to spread it.

Though Black Americans are at higher risk of catching the virus for mainly socio-economic reasons, scientific studies show "there is no scientific evidence that White people are less likely to catch the disease and pass it on to others."

Of course, Twitter was quick to point out that 80-year-old Cain's death was not the result of a Democratic conspiracy, but likely due to complications from his recent cancer.

Many others found King's fondness for easily disproven conspiracy theories amusing.

She was charged and convicted of felony conspiracy before being pardoned by President Trump in February.

After using Cain's death to make an attack on Democrats, King then accused Democrats of using Cain's death as a political statement.

Ultimately, most people only hoped no one would count on King for any factual information.

The real moral of the story?

Wear your masks.

Democrats aren't to blame for Herman Cain's death.

They're the ones urging everyone to be safe.

The global pandemic is not a partisan issue.

Safety should be everyone's first priority, and many needless deaths will be avoided if people on both sides of the aisle take proper precautions.