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Soulja Boy Released His Own Video Game Console And It's Raising A Lot Of Questions

Soulja Boy Released His Own Video Game Console And It's Raising A Lot Of Questions, @souljaboy (Twitter)

Celebrities creating their own lines of clothing, scents, makeup and other products is nothing new.

One would be hard-pressed to go to a department store without seeing numerous celebrity-backed brands.

The newest name added to the list of artists-turned-entrepreneurs is none other than rapper Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy is known for his songs like "No Sleep" and early 2000's classic, "Crank That".

While his songs might have people dancing, his latest scheme has many people grinding to a halt.

On December 5, the rapper launched his SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld. The gaming devices can be purchased at the sale prices of $149.99 and $99.99, respectively, at

The console has 800 built-in games, an HDMI cable, a connector for older televisions and a USB power cable.

The handheld contains 3,000 games.

Both have access to PlayStation, PC, SEGA, NeoGeo, Game Boy Advance and NES Games.

Soulja Boy took to Twitter numerous times to share his excitement over the gadgets.

However, many gamers are taking pause because the consoles look a little familiar.

Sources like Polygon and Redditors are convinced that both the console and handheld are rip-offs of other products.

In fact, some are even insisting that the products are actually bootlegs of already developed devices sold at a marked-up price.

Twitter is full of skepticism.

Whether the artist totally knocked-off a different product, it looks as though he is in for an interesting ride.

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