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Sorority Member Sparks Outrage After Using Black Football Players In Presentation About 'Ugly' Features

Sorority Member Sparks Outrage After Using Black Football Players In Presentation About 'Ugly' Features

A Methodist University student and Alpha Delta Pi Mu chapter sorority are both in hot water after clips and photos of a presentation the student gave went viral for its overtly racist content.

The material shows a White woman standing in front of a screen containing four of the University's Black members of the football team, which also has the words "large nostrils" in bold type.

Students say the woman was using the photos to point out several things she found unattractive about the all-Black players.

The woman in the photo, whose name is Taylor Mustian, is part of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority on campus.

The photo first spread around Methodist University's campus before making it to the internet at large, shocking and upsetting some of its students of color.

Ja-Quez Harrell, who is a Methodist senior and member of the football team said:

"I don't see why something along the lines of this is funny."
"I don't see how it's funny."
"With everybody that was there, how come nobody stopped it?"

In response, the University released a statement about their plans to make amends.

The University assured students the hearing process for Taylor Mustian and Alpha Delta Pi was well underway and Alpha Delta Pi would be "suspended indefinitely" while the investigation was ongoing.

Mustian also apologized, first in private to one of the football players, but eventually to the world at large.

She said:

"I did not mean for any of this to be targeted towards individuals and certainly did not mean any of this in a malicious way."
"It was not targeted at African Americans in any way, I can promise that."

Methodist University—which is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina—has about 2,000 students, but holds the distinction of one of the only universities in the area to have a less than 50% White population.

The actions of a few White students and the university's response to the wrongdoing may determine how that demographic changes.