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SNL Just Released The Blooper Reel From This Season—And It Features A Lot Of Charles Barkley Cursing 😂

YouTube: Saturday Night Live

When it comes to swearing, some say there's a link between how much you curse and how intelligent you are. If this is true, then retired basketball player and sports analyst Charles Barkley must be a genius.

In a recently released blooper reel by Saturday Night Live, one thing stands out among all the mess ups and missteps: Barkley is a perfectionist who lets the colorful words fly when he flubs a line. Along with the regular cast, hosts such as Barkley, Donald Glover, Tiffany Haddish and Ryan Gosling stumble along, struggling to speak their lines. Most of the comics and actors are able to keep things PG, until Barkley pops on the screen and we hear more bleeps then words.

Fans love seeing bloopers.

After 43 seasons, these just keep getting funnier.

H/T: Mashable Deadline