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Skittles' Twitter Account Just Liked An OnlyFans Creator's Rainbow D*ck Pic—And Everyone Is Screaming

Skittles' Twitter Account Just Liked An OnlyFans Creator's Rainbow D*ck Pic—And Everyone Is Screaming
Jakub Porzycki/Getty Images; Chris Stone/Twitter

Dear Skittles Social Media Person...

We get it. We totally get it.

We work in social media, too, so we absolutely understand the sequence of events that lead to you maybe accidentally showing a few million people a rainbow d*ck pic.

After all, the content creator tagged your company and maybe you only saw the first photo of their smiling face and completely missed the... umm... large penis.

You can see a censored screenshot of the liked post here.


It happens to the best of us.

That was us trying to make you feel better. This does not, in fact, happen to the best of us … or really any of us. But look on the bright side, this will be a hilarious story later.

Anyway, somebody tags your company in something so you go take a look. That's your job, right?

Usually it's nothing major. Sometimes its a complaint. If you're lucky, it's a fantastic piece of user-generated-content and the marketing gods are pleased.

To be polite and increase engagement, you might like that bit of content as a way of saying "Hey friend, we see you and thanks for being our customer!"

The customer certainly appreciated it.


Increased engagement is your job, after all.

It's not YOUR fault if the content someone tagged Skittles in was an erect, rainbow-covered, penis. Skittles are inspirational!

Who are you to censor people's art?

And so what if the person who tagged you happens to be an incredibly popular OnlyFans creator of adult erotic content?

You're not looking at Chris Stone's account and liking the pic cause you got caught up in a moment of thirst. It's just that Skittles is for everyone and you're committed to your work!

Okay so maybe forgetting that when you like something on Twitter it shows up in your "likes" and feed, which can be seen by your several hundred thousand followers and the whole rest of internet, was a rookie move.


And maybe that rookie move meant you broadcast an erect, rainbow-covered, penis on your candy's social media page.

And maybe that's a little much for the brand, ya know?

And maybe the brand didn't love it when Twitter saw this all go down and decided it was too hilarious to ignore.

So they didn't…

And the brand probably doesn't love the emerging trend of gay male erotic content creators now tagging Skittles in their dick pics and money shots like "Taste the Rainbow."

But they say all attention is good attention, right? And the fact that this went down during Pride Month means the company can totally spin this flub.

The engagement is skyrocketing, so a decent marketing team could absolutely turn this into increased sales. They should thank you.

So, Skittles social media person, we really hope you didn't lose your job over showing a dick pic to millions of people, some of whom are undoubtedly under 18 and...