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The Siblings From 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Just Had A Reunion—And The Photos Are Everything

Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence and Lisa Jakub shared photos of their recent reunion in San Francisco over 30 years after the beloved family film's release.

Matthew Lawrence, Lisa Jakub, Robin Williams, Mara Wilson and Sally Field in "Mrs. Doubtfire"
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The actors who portrayed the young Hillard siblings in the 1993 comedy film Mrs. Doubtfire are all grown up!

Lisa Jakub, 45, Matthew Lawrence, 44, and Mara Wilson, 36—who played Lydia Hillard, Christopher Hillard, and Natalie Hillard respectively—posed for a photo op from their sweet reunion when they all met in the film's city location of San Francisco.

The film, based on the 1987 novel Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine, centered on a struggling voice actor and devoted father named Daniel Hillard, portrayed by the late Robin Williams, who is divorced from his designer wife, Miranda, played by Sally Field.

Since Miranda gets sole custody of their three children because of Daniel's unemployment status, he seizes an opportunity to be with their children when Miranda places an ad seeking a housekeeper.

He transforms himself into an elderly woman, "Euphegenia Doubtfire," and succeeds in getting the position. What ensues is plenty of mayhem, hijinks, and eventually, redemption.

Wilson shared photos of her Doubtfire siblings and wrote in the caption:

"So funny that the same week I went to San Francisco, I got to reunite with my Doubtfire siblings!"

"It’s always a joy to see @lisa.jakub and @matthewlawrence, and always so much fun to be on @officialbrotherlylovepod," she said of her interview with them on the Lawrence brothers' Brotherly Lovepodcast that became available on Thursday.

Jakub also took to Instagram to share the joyful reunion photos.

"The sisters had so much fun hanging out with the brothers," wrote Jakub, adding that her sibling co-stars, Wilson and Lawrence, still feel like her siblings "even 30 years after filming Mrs. Doubtfire."

Also included in the post was another group photo including Matthew's brothers Andrew and Joey, whom Jakub said were "just part of the extended family."

She added:

"I had a great time doing the @officialbrotherlylovepod and can’t wait to share it with you."

Fans rejoiced at seeing the Hillard siblings together again after 30 years.

It also elicited fond memories of Williams, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 63.

Fans also expressed how quickly time flies.

You can watch Jakub, Lawrence, and Wilson fondly reminisce about their time working with Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, growing up onscreen as young actors, and the differences between their Doubtfire characters and real-life personalities, here.

MRS. DOUBTFIRE Family Reunion With Matt Lawrence, Lisa Jakub, and Mara Wilson! | Ep

When Mrs. Doubtfire hit its 30th anniversary last November, the film's director, Chris Columbus, told Business Insider that he and Williams had begun talks of making a potential sequel in 2014, shortly before the actor's death.

But with the legendary actor no longer with us, Columbus saw no point in revisiting the character for another movie.

“It’s an interesting thing," said Columbus, and recalled:

"Back then, there was an attitude that sequels were looked down upon by the artists."
"So Robin was against doing a sequel immediately after."
“He and I didn’t talk about a sequel until the year he passed away.”

He continued:

“We had a script that was written and it was the last time I saw Robin."
"I went to his house and we sat down and talked about it and the script was really strong. Robin’s only comment was, ‘Boss, do I have to be in the suit as much this time?’ It was physically demanding."
"For Robin, I think it was like running a marathon every day he was in the Doubtfire costume. He was older, obviously. So we talked about it and I think he was hoping in the rewrite we would cut back on the Doubtfire character."
"But then Robin passed away so there will never be a sequel to ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’”

While a sequel was never in the cards, Mrs. Doubtfire found another life in a Broadway musical adaptation that opened on December 5, 2021.

The Broadway production, directed by Jerry Zaks with music composed by Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick, starred Rob McClure as Mrs. Doubtfire and Jenn Gambatese as Miranda Hillard.