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Sexual Assault Survivor Who Confronted Jeff Flake On Live TV Explains Why She Did It

Sexual Assault Survivor Who Confronted Jeff Flake On Live TV Explains Why She Did It
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Ana Maria Archila, who along with Maria Gallagher, approached Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in an elevator last week, to share her story of sexual assault wrote an op-ed to educate the people on why she approached the Senator when she had the chance.

In the piece, published by USA TODAY , Archila, the executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy writes:

I never thought that I would share my story of assault. It happened when I was 5 years old, before I had the consciousness to know exactly what was taking place. Even still, I knew that it was wrong.
I told two adults at the time and they didn't believe me. So I kept this as a secret, too afraid and ashamed to tell my parents. It has been a burden that has weighed on me greatly ever since.appeared on has opened up about her assault ― and explained why she chose to share her story with the world.

She goes on to describe what happened after she spoke with Sen. Flake:

I had the opportunity to confront Flake on Friday. I reminded him that I had told my story in front of his office earlier in the week. I asked him how he could live with himself, as a father of a daughter, knowing that Kavanaugh allegedly violated a young girl.

In this time, we need a Supreme Court justice who is truly committed to justice. To the hard work of recognizing, understanding, and then repairing hurt. Someone who is willing to take responsibility for his past actions and do better in the future. That someone is not Brett Kavanaugh.

Through all of our interaction, Jeff Flake was silent. Then, he went missing from the meeting. He came back later and said that he could not vote for Kavanaugh on the Senate floor until after an FBI investigation.


Here is the emotional and powerful meeting once again.

Archila is not remaining silent. She is continuing to let her voice be heard.

People all around the country are praising both women as heroes.

The praise kept coming for these brave women.

The fight isn't over, but these brave women have brought us one step closer.

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