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Sean Hannity Blasted After Calling Biden 'Cognitively Struggling' In Post-Inauguration Rant

Sean Hannity Blasted After Calling Biden 'Cognitively Struggling' In Post-Inauguration Rant
Fox News

It did not take long for conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity to lambast President Joe Biden.

On his program, the staunch Donald Trump ally slammed the 46th U.S. President's first public address to the nation—Wednesday's inauguration.

Hannity said Biden "predictably meandered his way through what is a truly unremarkable, totally forgettable, even pre-rehearsed set of remarks."

And that was only the beginning of his vitriolic diatribe.

The Fox commentator's factually impaired criticism of the Democratic President is not suprising, but what most Biden supporters took issue with was when Hannity referred to Biden as:

"the weak, the frail, the cognitively struggling Biden."

The comment came at the 25:00 mark in the video, here.

Hannity's rant included accusing Democrats of "vitriol" and saying Biden's call for unity during his inaguration speech was "total and complete B.S."

"Let's be honest," he continued without a glimmer of cognizance of the irony of that statement, "the rest of the media mob were flat out lying to the American people, as usual. This was not in any way, shape, or form a memorable speech."

Hannity's own Fox News colleagues praised Biden's speech.

"After four years of outright lying, conspiracy theories, witch hunts, one hoax after the other, vitriol, nonstop hysteria, two impeachments, including one that is still unconstitutionally ongoing, Biden's hollow calls for unity ... [are] total and complete B.S."

He suggested ways Biden could unify the country—including apologizing for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russia, which Hannity referred to as a "hoax" in a regurgitation of Trump rhetoric.

"For example, he could've stopped comparing Republicans to Nazis, like he did a week ago. He could ask his colleagues to stop referring to 75 million peace-loving Trump supporters as domestic terrorists that support insurrection when they absolutely do not."
"He could call for an end to the unconstitutional post-presidential impeachment charade. He could also apologize for the Russia hoax and all those lies and the Ukrainian impeachment."

Twitter disagreed and slammed Hannity for his alternative facts view of Biden on his inauguration day.

People continued to rip Hannity to shreds.

Thursday marked Biden's first full day in office, but he went right to work undoing many of the former administration's policies hours after his address on Wednesday.

While seated behind the Resolute Desk and wearing a mask, President Biden signed 15 executive orders and actions on immigration, racial equality, climate change, reaction to the virus responsible for the pandemic, and more.

Of his determination on his first day in the Oval Office, Biden said:

"I thought there's no time to wait. Get to work immediately."

This is hardly the demeanor of a President whom Hannity said was "weak," "frail," and "cognitively struggling."