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Sean Hannity Roasted After Whining About Biden's 'Disastrous First Week' Less Than A Day Into His Presidency

Fox News

Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States at exactly noon on January 20, 2021.

During his evening broadcast on January 21, 2021, Sean Hannity ran a segment lambasting Biden for having a "disastrous first week" as President.

Biden hadn't even finished his first full day.

Still, the host came armed with a list of complaints. Hannity opened the segment by claiming Biden was struggling to answer questions.

He then cited the Keystone pipeline decision as evidence of Biden's "anti-energy policies" and claimed it would cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Official GOP emails push the same rhetoric.

Fact checkers say the number is nowhere near hundreds of thousands and is closer to 35 . Not 35 thousand or 35 hundred; 35 total jobs. It would also move up the timeline on some always-planned layoffs of temporary workers.

Hannity switched gears to discuss "Hunter Biden's laptop" before eventually laying pandemic blame on Biden.

The Fox News host sharply critiqued President Biden's pandemic response; claiming the new administration was downplaying the severity of things and should have better control. Hannity made similar remarks on his radio show.

Again, Biden had not yet completed his first full day as President when the "Disastrous First Week" segments aired.

Twitter was quick to criticize Hannity's heavy-handed review.

It has still not been a full week of the Biden presidency. Hannity has continued to criticize Biden's performance.