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WATCH: New Samsung Ad Focuses on iPhone X Criticisms

WATCH: New Samsung Ad Focuses on iPhone X Criticisms

Over the past 10 years, there has been no shortage of complaints about the iPhone.

Whether it's the long wait times, the size of the screen, or the lack of a headphone jack, with each new release comes a new problem.

So, leave it to Samsung, a leading competitor for Apple, to put out a new ad called "Growing Up," that uses those exact same criticisms in an attempt to sway users not to stand in line for an iPhone X, but instead invest in a Samsung Galaxy.

In the ad, we see a young man as he goes from various versions of the iPhone starting in 2007, with each passage in time showing his excitement over his newest iPhone, only to have a Galaxy user prove why their phone is superior.

By the end, the young man now has 10 years of wisdom, and as he passes by a iPhone X user in 2017, he has the satisfaction that he has made the switch to the Galaxy, thus ending all of his adolescent years of iPhone headaches. And somehow, he's officially a man.

Adweek points out that the haircut of the iPhone X owner at the end of the ad is meant to resemble the "notch" at the top of the new iPhone X screen, which has been a source of derision ever since the design was unveiled.

Historically, the Galaxy has not been as big of a seller as the iPhone. And Twitter was quick to point out that by Samsung targeting the iPhone in their new ad, they're basically giving Apple free publicity:

But for most, they couldn't get past the shade of it all:

But maybe it's not all bad:

And if Apple decides to retaliate, there are certainly things they could address:

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