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RuPaul Says He 'Doesn't Get' Spider-Man Since He's Gay—And LGBTQ+ Fans Aren't Having It

RuPaul Says He 'Doesn't Get' Spider-Man Since He's Gay—And LGBTQ+ Fans Aren't Having It
Rich Fury/Getty Images; Sony/Marvel Studios

RuPaul, host of RuPaul's Drag Race, shared his hot take on Spider-Man during his recent Jimmy Kimmel interview and LGBTQ+ fans are not happy about it.

Last summer, RuPaul guest hosted the Jimmy Kimmel Live show twice and apparently the staff had more fun than ever. As Kimmel was joking about needing to win over his staff again, he said he took them to see the new Spider-Man movie.

RuPaul responded:

“A couple of [your] writers, I asked them, ‘What’s the thing with Spider-Man?’"
"I get Superman, I get Wonder Woman, I’ve never gotten Spider-Man!”

When asked why, RuPaul responded:

“You know, I think because I’m gay."
"I think that’s probably it.”

Kimmel wasn't sure how RuPaul understood a character like Superman, who's also a cisgender, straight man like Spider-Man.

RuPaul explained:

"Well, Superman is really the story of Christ."
"It's the story of an ascended master."
"Honestly, it is."
"It's the story of the hero with a thousand faces."
"You've heard Joseph Campbell, the philosopher, talk about this."
Superman represents the hidden specialness and uniqueness that each of us has.”

Kimmel tried to explain Spider-Man, a funnier character than the other superheroes, is a young character that's meant for kids to feel like they can be heroes too.

However, RuPaul's response was less poignant the second time:

“The thing is, Clark Kent is hot.”

The Queer community was unimpressed with RuPaul's analysis.

On the subject of Spider-Man not being as hot as Superman, some people had arguments against that.

Some people shared how strange it was to say Spider-Man's story wasn't applicable to Queer identity.

His reasoning did not seem to win over any new fans.