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Video Of DeSantis Wiping His Nose Before Patting Supporter's Back Leaves Twitter Disgusted

The GOP Florida Governor was caught on video wiping his face before patting a man's back—and the internet is grossed all the way out.

Ron DeSantis
John Tully for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis found himself at the center of a peculiar and unhygienic incident during his recent visit to Iowa.

A video clip that surfaced on social media last week shows DeSantis' hand making an unfortunate journey from his own nose and mouth to patting a supporter on the back.

The cringe-worthy interaction occurred as the apparent supporter encouraged DeSantis not to "back down" amid the ongoing controversies surrounding his feud with Disney and other contentious actions.

You can see the moment in the video below.

The timing of the incident raised eyebrows and sparked discussions online.

Many expressed surprise and disgust at the governor's lack of awareness of public health and safety.

There were plenty of jokes, too.

The accumulation of different incidents during DeSantis' trip to Iowa led to increased scrutiny and speculation about DeSantis' suitability for higher office.

Last week, DeSantis was photographed sharing an oddly hearty laugh—dubbed creepy or fake by the masses—in response to a comment made by an Iowa voter.

The photograph and accompanying video gained significant traction as it seemed to validate a string of news reports suggesting DeSantis is facing challenges in connecting with voters on a human level.

According to the New York Times, the governor had to be reminded to maintain eye contact and shake hands during his visit to Iowa, further fueling the perception of a disconnect with everyday people.

DeSantis also weirded out social media users in March after sources close to him toldThe Daily Beast he ate "a chocolate pudding dessert" with three fingers instead of a spoon.

Republican operatives expressed concerns about DeSantis' apparent lack of social skills or personality.

According to one staffer, DeSantis tends to devour food during meetings and does so "always like a starving animal who has never eaten before… getting sh*t everywhere.”