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An Alarming Number Of Men Honestly Believe 'Roe V. Wade' Is An MMA Fight In 'Jimmy Kimmel' Video—And Oof

An Alarming Number Of Men Honestly Believe 'Roe V. Wade' Is An MMA Fight In 'Jimmy Kimmel' Video—And Oof
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

With the reproductive freedom gained under Roe v Wade being threatened by the United States Supreme Court, one might assume the public is hyper aware of the 1973 ruling that extended reproductive rights across all states.

However, it turns out a surprising number of guys are disturbingly ignorant. A prank interview featured on Tuesday's Jimmy KimmelLive exposed the knowledge gap.

During the “Lie Witness News” segment on the program, multiple men believed Roe v Wade was a much-hyped MMA heavyweight fighting match.

When asked about the fictional face-off, the clueless interviewees seemed to comment mostly on Wade as their favorite contender.

"[Wade] doesn't care if he's gonna get knocked out. He just goes in, he's ruthless," said a supposed fan.

You can watch the clip of the interview taking place on the streets of Hollywood near where Kimmel films his program, here.

Another said he watched the high-profile fight with a woman who "wasn't as impressed" and was on her phone scrolling on Instagram.

And when asked to weigh in on whether or not the fight lived up to its nickname, “The Ruckus in the Uteruckus," the Wade fan said "definitely" and added, "They were into it, you know?"

The interviewer asked another clueless commenter:

"Were you surprised to see those two still going at it so many years later?"

The victim of the prank responded, "No, like, people hold grudges."

One gentleman was asked what women thought about Roe v Wade, and he replied:

“I don’t know. Women don’t really talk to me that much.”

The clip elicited spirited laughter from the show's viewing audience.

But in spite of the shenanigan, it's difficult to ignore the fact there are potentially many others among us who are in the dark about Roe v Wade and its potential reversal that would eliminate federal protections for women's reproductive rights.