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Rihanna Just Laid Into Trump For Refusing To Use The Word 'Terrorism' In His Response To The Mass Shootings

Rihanna Just Laid Into Trump For Refusing To Use The Word 'Terrorism' In His Response To The Mass Shootings
Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This weekend was filled with tragedy in America with mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

These two mass murders fell on the heels of another shooting in northern California.

The country is currently grappling with the fallout of the tragedies, but many feel as though the president is not reacting strongly enough.

After the horrific Pulse Orlando shooting in 2016, Trump attacked President Obama on Twitter for not calling the tragedy "radical Islamic terrorism".

However, fast forward to 2019, and President Trump, himself, failed to use the word "terrorism" when he tweeted about the murders in El Paso and Dayton.

Why is a mass murder at the hands of an Islamist considered terrorism to Trump, but murders at the hand of white nationalist Patrick Crusius are not?

Crusius left a four-page manifesto just before he committed the shooting, and the document is filled with hate speech, some of which echoes Trump's own ideas.

Trump's inconsistency did not make it past singer and Fenty creator Rihanna.

Rihanna began her rant against Trump saying,

"Um... Donald, you spelt "terrorism" wrong!"

She went on to cite the shooting in California earlier in the week, and she called out the fact that assault rifles are,

"easier to get... than a VISA!"

Even US Attorney for the Western District of Texas, John Bash, called the tragedy in El Paso a "domestic terrorism case".

So, why can't Trump call terrorism by white nationalists what it really is? America wants to know.

People are applauding Rihanna for calling it like it really is and putting the president on blast.






Way to go, Rihanna! Now, let's put those thoughts and prayers into action, Mr. President.

The book Hateland: A Long, Hard Look at America's Extremist Heart is available here to learn more about the White nationalist movement.