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Husband Of El Paso Shooting Victim Invites The Public To His Wife's Funeral Since He Has 'No Other Family'—And The Internet Steps Up


Antonio Basco's wife Margie Reckard, 63, was among those who were shot and killed by a White nationalist domestic terrorist at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on August 3.

The grieving husband invited members of the public to attend his wife's services at Perches Funeral Home because he had "no other family" in the El Paso area.

The responses pouring in prove that there is still an abundance of love on the internet.

On Facebook, the funeral home asked for support for Basco.

"Mr. Antonio Basco was Married for 22yrs to his wife Margie Reckard, He had no other family. He welcomes anyone to attend his Wife's services. On Friday, August 16th, Perches Funeral Home Northeast on 4946 Hondo Pass from 5-9pm."

A number of people expressed their condolences and promised to attend the funeral on August 16th.

Those from the coastal states who were disappointed about being unable to attend sent cards and flowers, and many said they would light a candle at the time of the services in Reckard's memory.

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Perches Funeral Home/Facebook

Basco, who was married to Reckard for 22 years, told KFOX14 that he misses her more than ever.

"When I met her she was an angel and she still is. I was supposed to be the strong one but I found out I'm the weak one, and she's going to be missed a lot."

He added that they had a plan to live and die together.

"I just feel it and when we first met, that feeling came to each one of us, to each other, and we've been together ever since. We were gonna live together and die together that was our plan."

Reckard's son, Dino, created a Facebook fundraiser on August 6 so that he could afford travel expenses to fly for his mother's funeral.

"I'm not one to ask for help at all but at the moment. I have no choice but to swallow my pride and ask for some."
"We need help with travel, lodging, and other expenses to get to El Paso Texas to lay her to rest. It's hard to believe that she is gone but she will never be forgotten."

The fundraiser has concluded after surpassing its $950 goal.

If you would like to make a contribution to Margie Reckard's services, you can send flowers and cards to:

Perches Funeral Home

In Memory of Margie Reckard

4916 Hondo Pass

El Paso, Texas 79924

El Paso's mass shooting on August 3 is being categorized as domestic terrorism. Victims included 13 Americans, eight Mexicans, and one German, according to NPR.

The oldest murder victim was 90-year-old Luis Alfonzo Juarez, and the youngest was Javier Rodriguez, 15. A 2 month-old was among the many injured.

While the gunman was identified and much was reported on his White nationalist motives, stories about the victims' heroism and loss are starting to emerge.

They are the ones who shouldn't be forgotten.

To donate directly to victims and their families GoFundMe has set up a page with verified campaigns.

More information:

Donations are being accepted by the El Paso Community Foundation for the victims of the shooting.

EPCF will waive administrative and credit card fees for all donations.

To donate:

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