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Rightwing Website Roasted For Posting Absurd Painting Of Family With Guns—Including The Dog

visualspace/Getty Images@ElectronTheNerd/Twitter

American conservatives love their guns. This has been a running joke for decades—even the movie Mean Girls includes a joke about how "On the third day, God invented the Remington bolt-action rifle" perpetrated by a conspicuously conservative group of people.

Rightwing website Gab, however, has taken this joke up another level. Except to them, it's no joke.

In this very bizarre photo, a white family seems to be barbecuing burgers and hot dogs while they all hold firearms.

Even the labrador retriever seems to have its paws atop a pistol.

The graphic in question was actually stolen from a video game.

The game, entitled The American Dream, is a Playstation Virtual Reality game in which the player goes on a journey "through a 1950's world's fair where [they] learn to live [their] life with guns."

After getting roasted, Gab then tried to turn the tide and save face by saying it was trying to get attention for its website.

Which lead the website to getting roasted even more.

Gab founder Andrew Torba, a Christian fundamentalist, has not clarified why that particular photo was meant to "garner attention" while potentially violating copyright laws.