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People Reveal The Real Reason They Rage Quit A Job

Reddit user TweedStoner asked: 'People who have straight up rage quit a job, what was the final straw?'

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job doing what they love and gives them purpose.

Despite showing up and being an office drone to earn that weekly paycheck, many workers remain grateful for the work that provides them with enough income to cover rent and put food on the table.

But when the workplace becomes a toxic environment, it's enough for some people to sacrifice a steady paycheck to save their sanity.

Curious to hear examples of former employees who've had enough, Redditor TweedStoner asked:

"People who have straight up rage quit a job, what was the final straw?"

People discuss when they've had to make the toughest decisions.

Disrespectful Manager

"My manager started snapping her fingers in my face, 3 inches away from my eyes saying in a slow drall 'youuuu're doinnnng it wroooong, hellloooo that's not how I told you to do iiiit' when I was folding the shirts somewhat slower and less optimally than I was shown (though achieving the same fold-also it was my third week and one of 20 folds I had to learn on that job)."

"I walked right then and there."

– MisfortuneGortune

Training Fail

"My managers boss did a surprise inspection and my boss wrote me up for doing my job the exact way he trained me. Apparently when he trained me he was cutting corners."

– ImHereForFreeTacos

Good Judgement Call

"I worked for a call center for AT&T. I refused to try and sell a DirectTv package to a woman who was literally bawling her eyes out on the phone because she was having to switch her phone plan to her name instead of her husband's name because he had just died."

– Monster315Says

Supporting Mom

"I called out when my parents had it out for the final time before they got divorced. I needed to be with my mom. I called my boss and told him I wasn’t going to be there and why. He then asked, 'So why can’t you be here?'. I hung up."

– Rusty1031

Taking The Threat Seriously

"He wouldn’t train me properly, then come yell at me in front of the office. He would always threaten my job or like hiring someone else and I finally said good I hope you find someone better because I quit and will be leaving once other lady comes back from lunch. He tried to backpedal and ask if I was serious. I never looked back."

"ETA: he hired me without any experience because he knew he could lowball me. I got paid pennies for what someone with experience would get paid. 😀"

– whatamidoing-here1

Some managers don't value education.

A Student's Priority

"I was waiting tables while I was in grad school. I had requested a weekend off far in advance (right after I got my syllabus) because there was a seminar pertinent to a class. Our professor expected to us to go and write a paper. It was a decent chunk of our grade."

"The weekend comes up and lo and behold, I’m scheduled doubles Friday through Sunday. I hunt down the manger and say I can’t do that and I’ve given months notice. She pulls the 'requests are just requests, not guarantees', and I tell her point blank I will fail this class if I don’t go. She shrugged and said, 'That isn’t my problem'. I told her, 'Is now,' and left. Like hell, I was going fail a class for my master's degree waiting tables at a f'king Rainforest Cafe."

– blake41185

Bye Hollister

"One of my roommates was working at retail store in the mall in college. He told the manager 'that finals are coming up, so I can't work Monday, Tuesday, or Friday, but all other days are open. He comes in the Saturday before, and he's ONLY scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. He was like 'um.. wtf?' And his manager actually asked, 'What's more important? Your education or your career with Hollister?' "

"He worked part-time, and his parents were pretty well off, so he said, 'Well, I guess my education is more important than a part-time retail job. I'm only working for beer money. Have fun with YOUR career at Hollister' and walked off the job. We just couldn't believe his manager thought that was a convincing argument. Career at Hollister... gtfo."

– LeftyLu07

"My manager at Panera was pissed when I quit to go back to college. I made about $9.00 an hour at best. She was pissed because a lot of people were quitting to go back to college because summer was over."

– Boneal171

These examples had bosses who lacked compassion and wouldn't budge to accommodate employees not asking for much.

Consequences For Lack Of Empathy

"I was a receptionist for a medical software company. Boss refused my request for a single day off to take my teen daughter to get eye surgery. I waited until the first day of her 2-week vacation and put in my notice. Ruined her holiday."

– HenrysGrandma

No Time For Grieving

"This was 20 years ago."

"My fiancé had been hospitalized for 16 months after a car accident."

"When she passed away my boss would not let me have time off for bereavement because we were not legally married."

– Ruthless4u

Missing The Funeral

"I was screamed at for wanting time off for my mom's burial because 'you already had time off for the funeral!' The funeral was one weekend and the burial was the following. I worked Monday-Friday, but those two weeks, they wanted me in on Saturday and Sunday, too. I told her she could fire me if she wanted, but I'd see her Monday. She tried to make my life hell, but when everyone else found out about it, they made her life hell, and she quit a few months later."

– 1986toyotacorolla2

Now Is Not A Good Time

"My boss made me come in when I called her that morning before my shift, openly sobbing on the phone, saying I needed the day off to grieve bc my friend just died of cancer. She had the temerity to say 'it's not a good time right now for you to call off' and I about screamed 'YEAH? ITS NOT A GOOD F'KING TIME NOW THAT MY FRIEND DIED' when I got to work she tried to play the sympathetic peer WHILE IM STILL CRYING because I hadn't stopped even during my commute. F'k that greedy b*tch."

– Reverse2057

Some people are better off temporarily unemployed due to these toxic work environments.

Violent Tendencies

"Was having a meeting with the boss who was a difficult guy to work with, and he stood up and punched the wall. He wasn't doing it jokingly. He bare knuckled went at the wall of his own office like he was in the gym hitting a punching bag."

"I sat there in astonishment for about two seconds, then stood up and left. Cleared out my desk, exited through the back door without a word to anyone."

"There's no place for that conduct in the professional world even if the guy does own the company."

– doublestitch

Temper, Temper

"Many years ago while working in a manufacturing facility. My boss came into work already pissed off because his wife served him divorce papers."

"Saying 'good morning' was apparently enough to set him off and he picked up a wrench from the table and threw it at my head.

"I ducked…it missed…then I just closed my toolbox and wheeled it to the truck lol"

– InfamousBassAholic

I Choose Attitude

"One very busy night while waitressing, I was standing at a table of 12 in the middle of taking their order when another waitress came up to me and said our boss wanted us in their office that instant. So I leave my full section in the middle of chaos to go see what the problem is. My boss began to chew us both out because the other girl asked if I would switch shifts with her and I had agreed."

"I didn't say anything but was obviously annoyed because I had just left all my tables thinking there was some sort of emergency. My boss looked at me and asked why I looked mad and I told him 'I feel like this could have been sorted out without me, if you didn't want her to leave early you could have just told her no instead of pulling me away from our customers'. They said 'if you're going to have an attitude get your sh*t and leave'."

"I said ok and went to transfer my tables. I was over it. I had worked there 3 years and the owners were alcoholics that treated us like garbage and spent all the company on themselves instead of getting ingredients to make food or paying their employees. The other waitress came back out and said our boss wanted me back in the office."

"I went in and they said 'put your apron back on, you're not fired'. I said 'you're both f'king crazy if you think you can treat people the way you do and expect them to want to work for you' and I walked out. As I was leaving they came out behind me saying I would regret it and was never allowed back if I left. I threw up my middle fingers and kept walking."

" Funny part is I let my boyfriend take my car to work that night so I had to walk a mile home and break into my house🤣"

– Sad_Ad_2632

It takes a lot of courage to quit a job, especially in a current climate where work is scarce.

But when you work with toxic people and you're not respected, it can wear you down.

Know your self-worth, and trust that better opportunities present themselves when you least expect them.

And while it's easier said than done, quitting is not always an option.

In that case, it's worth having a discussion demanding change. Because there comes a certain point where you've got nothing to lose. Things always have a way of turning around for the better as long as you're willing to stand up for yourself.