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GOP Lawmaker Removed From His Committees After Giving Explicit Oral Sex Advice On TikTok

GOP Lawmaker Removed From His Committees After Giving Explicit Oral Sex Advice On TikTok

In a shocking turn of events, another family values-oriented, anti-LGBTQ GOP politician is facing outrage and disciplinary action for sexual improprieties.

This time, it's Republican West Virginia politicians Joe Jeffries, a member of the state's House of Delegates, who has been stripped of his committee positions after he gave graphic and explicit oral sex advice on TikTok.

The TikToks have since been deleted. But a screen capture of one of the videos has been circulating on Twitter, which you can see below.

In the video, Jeffries instructs women to find men's "g-spot" if they want men to find theirs. The male equivalent to a g-spot is generally considered to be the prostate gland.

Advocating for male sodomy is, of course, an interesting choice for a politician with a virulently anti-LGBTQ platform and voting record. Jeffries has advocated in favor of so-called "gay conversion therapy," and has launched vicious attacks against transgender people.

But as graphic as this screen capture may seem, it hardly hold a candle to the TikToks that ignited the controversy, which read like something out of a pornographic magazine.

In response to a fellow TikToker's question about whether women should "sit or hover" over a man's face during oral sex, Jeffries responded:

"So here's the thing, ladies. If he's not pushing you up, gasping for air, then you are probably doing it wrong."
"You should be rubbing that thing all over his face, like hard."
"His nose should be shoving your clit so far back up inside of you that it just drives you wild."

Quite a monologue from a guy who has advocated against sex education, for so-called family values, and professes to be a Christian in his Twitter bio.

West Virginia Democratic Party chair Belinda Biafore excoriated Jeffries for his videos.

"GOP Delegate Jeffries has a slew of inappropriate and vulgar videos with his own sexually explicit commentary on a social media app aimed at youth."

And Republican House Speaker Roger Fanshaw has stripped Jeffries of all but one of his committee positions, calling him "an embarrassment not just to the House of Delegates, but to the entire state."

On Twitter, people lambasted Jeffries for his vulgarity and hypocrisy.

Republican West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has called for Jeffries to resign.