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Viral Video Reveals What Those Height Markers In Stores Are Really For—And TikTok Is Stunned

Viral Video Reveals What Those Height Markers In Stores Are Really For—And TikTok Is Stunned

You must be at least this tall to rob a convenience store or coffee shop.

A TikTok revealing why height strips are on the door of certain convenience stores and Dunkin' locations is going viral after a TikToker posted a video to her page about the long-standing mystery.

The video posted at the beginning of January racked up nearly 400,000 views, received almost 15,000 likes and about 200 comments.

TikTok user @officialjuice93, whose real name is Jocelyn, revealed the reason why Dunkin' Donuts has height strips adhered to its doors.

If you've ever worked in a convenience store, you probably already know the answer.

FYI: it's not just to make sure you're tall enough to ride all the rides.


Reposting because there is NO violence!

Some TikTokers who left comments on the video were understandably confused and shocked when Jocelyn broke the news.


So what's it for?

If your location is ever robbed, you can tell police how tall the robber was based on the handy height chart by the door.




The video showed Jocelyn standing in line at her local Dunkin’.

She panned her camera over to the measurement strip by the exit of the coffee location. The text laid over the TikTok read:

“Tell me your Dunkin’ has been robbed without telling me they’ve been robbed."

"I’ll go first.”

However that assessment isn't entirely accurate.

According to Slate, banks and and convenience stores all over the country use this visual tool on their premises to help in the event of a robbery. The way it works is the strips help witnesses of the robbery determine the height of the robber to aid investigators in their search for the person responsible for committing the crime.



Reportedly, the height strips are now used more so as a deterrent to keep those from robbing a location in the first place, with many sources saying it's a widely used psychological tactic.

Additionally, it's also been cited their existence in stores or banks help customers feel at ease by creating an aura of safety.

While some comments were meant to be informative, others took a comedic approach to learning this new information.





While the height strip may be for investigative purposes, a deterrent or peace of mind, it will always be a fun pastime to clock the heights of customers as we wait to order our large Dunkaccinos.