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Radio Hosts Save The Life Of A Suicidal Caller Live On Air, and People Are Shook

Radio Hosts Save The Life Of A Suicidal Caller Live On Air, and People Are Shook
Andrew Benge/Redferns/Getty Images. @iainlee/Twitter

A British talk radio host Iain Lee was probably not expecting to become part of the news but that is exactly what happened when a man called into his show, Late Night Alternative, saying he had overdosed and wanted to die.

Lee, who says he also struggles with depression, kept the man known only as "Chris" on the phone, trying to figure our where he was to send help.

After a half an hour an ambulance was able to find the man and get him help. It was a very tense half-hour with the man going silent for long periods of time, and Lee not knowing if he was still conscious.

During the conversations, Lee said:

"Whatever happened, I promise you it can be sorted. I guarantee that whatever has happened, it can be sorted out. It might not be easy."

But even Lee was growing frustrated with how long it was taking the ambulance to find Chris.

"Where's this bloody ambulance? Jesus, come on."

You can hear the conversation below:

Presenter Iain Lee saved a man's life on air after he called to say he overdosed | SWNS

After Chris received help, Lee took to Twitter to discuss the event.

People were glad Chris was able to reach out and Lee could help.

Lee was touched by the outpouring and sent out a thank you message.

If you need to speak with someone contact National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They have an online chat or you can call 1-800-273-8255 in the United States.

For help outside the United States, consult the International Association for Suicide Prevention website here.