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'Twilight' Star Tearfully Says She Can't Bring Nonbinary Child To Target Anymore After Pride Backlash

Rachelle Lefevre called out Target in an emotional Instagram video for moving their Pride merchandise to the back of the store after her nonbinary 7-year-old had previously been so excited to see the display at the front.

screenshots of Rachelle Lefevre from TikTok

Target's decision to move its Pride month section to the back of the store after receiving threats from homophobes has been widely criticized as cowardice.

Joining that criticism was actress Rachelle LeFevre, who was in the Twilight movies. In an emotional post to Instagram, she said that her child, who is non-binary, was so excited to see the Pride section up front and center the last time they came in.

But now that the Pride section has been hidden away towards the back, she says she can't bring her child there again.

"[T]hey chose to send the message that LGBTQ+ people aren't worth protecting or fighting for."

There were those who agreed with her and empathized with her kid.

However, after she posted her video to Instagram and some outlets picked up on it, she was widely accused of all sorts of wrong and horrible things, as many homophobes are trotting out the accusations of "grooming" that get used again and again whenever LGBTQ+ people are mentioned.

In the caption of the video, LeFavre added an update:

"UPDATE: If you came here and posted hateful, ignorant garbage, please just unfollow me."
"I’m sorry for whatever happened to you to make you susceptible to such lies and made your heart so hardened with hate, I truly am and I suggest you use your precious life force to find joy and fill your days with more love and more joy because you clearly aren’t finding it here."

The comments are both predictable and disturbing to read.

Others focused on Target's role in this.

Someone pointed out even after moving the section to the back, Target is still being targeted.

Others said they aren't seeing the true meaning of their actions.

LGBTQ+ people have come too far, really, to let this go unnoticed.

Pride month is June in the United States and several other countries.