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Bonkers New QAnon Conspiracy Somehow Links The Suez Canal Debacle To Hillary Clinton

Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/Getty Images

When the ship blocking the Suez Canal was finally refloated on Tuesday, March 30, most of the world rejoiced.

Believers in the sprawling QAnon conspiracy theory, however, were less than pleased.

Why? Because they had come to believe that the ship was intentionally grounded by the captain to send a signal that it contained child sex slaves on their way to Hillary Clinton.

Twitter couldn't believe just how far the QAnon believers went.

The conspiracy theory arose after QAnon supporters realized the name on the side of the ship, "Evergreen," was the same as Clinton's Secret Service codename.

Of course, the conspiracy theory made absolutely no sense if thought about for more than a moment or even a modicum of logic or common sense was applied.

People should be putting their imaginations to better use.

Fortunately, as soon as the ship was refloated, QAnon supporters moved on to the next, bonkers belief, forgetting all their earlier claims about the "Evergreen."

This pattern is likely to continue for the foreseeable future despite none of their prior theories or claims ever coming true.