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Rightwing 'Prophet' Dragged For Claiming Trump Is Still President And Biden 'Doesn't Exist'

Rightwing 'Prophet' Dragged For Claiming Trump Is Still President And Biden 'Doesn't Exist'

As Democratic President Joe Biden's first term nears the end of its first month, the supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump who refuse to accept the results of last year's election begin to seem ever more unhinged.

But a certain right-wing preacher and self-appointed "prophet" is taking it all one step further. Not only does Robin D. Bullock refuse to believe that Trump isn't still President, he also insists that Biden "doesn't exist."

In an interview, Bullock even went so far as to say, "there's no such person."

Bullock made his comments during a bizarre interview with evangelist Steve Schultz.

Schultz runs a website called Elijah's List that purports to be a clearinghouse for God's prophecies that traffics heavily in conspiracy theories like QAnon. It has a loyal following of Christians who believe Schultz's words come straight from God himself, despite the fact that he wrongly prophesied victories for Trump and his allies in both the 2018 midterms and 2020 general election.

In short, Schultz's site is the perfect home for the kind of bonkers statements Bullock had to share--like that people who say we should "pray for the president" should be praying for Trump, not Biden.

How can that be, you ask, what with that whole Joe Biden literally sitting in the White House as we speak thing? Well it's all very simple, you see--Biden isn't real.

Allow Bullock to explain:

"You can pray for the office of the president. You can pray for a man named Joe Biden, but you cannot pray for President Joe Biden – because there's no such man. He doesn't exist and he knows he don't exist, and brother Steve, his handlers know he don't exist."
"They all know that he's not real."

One assumes Bullock means Biden's election is illegitimate, not that Biden is literally a hologram or whatever.

But these days one never really knows!

On Twitter, folks had a field day dunking on Bullock's deeply weird "prophecy."

Anyway, just in case there's any doubt lingering as a result of this "prophecy," Joe Biden won the election by more than seven millions votes and is absolutely the President.