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Presidential Historian Sums Up Trump's Presidency In A Single Word—And It's Brutally Accurate

Michael Reaves/ Getty

The presidency of Donald Trump has had its share of controversy. According to Gallup, an analytics firm, at 34% Trump has the lowest approval rating of any President of the United States since the firm started tracking in 1938.

After losing his re-election campaign Trump joined the only ten other incumbent Presidents to ever get their party's nomination but fail to be re-elected. Trump lost the popular vote in both elections.

Trump is currently still facing down a potential conviction for inciting the Capitol riot that lead to the death of five people, including a Capitol Police officer, on January 6. Setting another record, Trump is the first President in history to be impeached twice and he managed it in just one term as President.

Newly elected President Joe Biden has commented the trial to convict Trump of "incitement to insurrection…has to happen." Others are also showing support with ten Republican House members voting to side with the Democrats after the Capitol riots, with many citing the rally and speech Trump had at the White House encouraged his supporters to violent action.

The substantial list of controversies and the above history lead presidential historian for NBC, Michael Beschloss, to summarize Trump's presidency as a perfect definition of a single word:


Beschloss who is the author of ten separate books about Presidents of the United States was not alone in his summation.

Citizens on social media have been vocal about their feelings about former President Trump's actions.

One thing is for certain, Trump has had a Presidency that will not quickly be forgotten—albeit not for the reasons the former President would desire.