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Post Malone Got 'Cursed' On Ghost Adventures Live

Post Malone Got 'Cursed' On Ghost Adventures Live
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Hey may be one of the top-selling music artists right now, but that's apparently no match for the spirits of the damned...

Okay, Halloween may be over but the powers of darkness are neverending, and nobody knows that better than Post Malone. After appearing on paranormal investigator Zak Bagans' show Ghost Adventures, Malone apparently has been cursed. Among Bagans' collection is the "dybbuk box," known as "the world's most haunted object." The box is an old wine cabinet full of demons, or something, and inspired the movie The Possession. Malone visited Bagans' museum back in June, and the two decided to take a look at the box and removed its protective covering.

"It is a very powerful item," Bagans told People. "I didn't want to open it, I just wanted to take the case off. To make a long story short, we began hearing things."

Specifically, a "little girl's voice" that sent Bagans and Malone running out of the room. But curiosity got the best of them and they went back... and that's when things took a turn. As Bagans told People:

"I remember putting my hand on the box and at that exact moment, Post put his hand on my shoulder. At that moment, it was like something came through the box and into him and I began shaking, I began trembling. This is kind of embarrassing, [but] I began crying, I began screaming and this is when he got me out of the room forcefully."

As if that weren't enough, after they went back downstairs, Malone saw a dark figure in the room. And shortly after the June encounter with the otherworldly, a string of bad things happened to Malone, leading many to believe he's been cursed: in August, his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing after blowing its tires, he was in a serious car crash two weeks later, and in September, Malone's former home was burglarized, during which the new owner was pistol-whipped.

But on Twitter, people have been a bit skeptical.

But what really got people talking was Bagans dangling the possibility that he might actually open the dybbuk box on Halloween (Ed note: WHY WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT).

In the end, Bagans decided not to unleash the undead spirits of ancient winemakers, or whatever, and folks on Twitter were not having it!

But after watching Malone and Bagans' encounter with the box, just as many were relieved:

No word on whether Malone's ghostly torture has ended but if he's involved in a freak turkey-cooking accident on Thanksgiving, guess we'll all know why...

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