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Pool Guests Rage After Being Shamed For Allegedly Complaining About Two Women Kissing

Pool Guests Rage After Being Shamed For Allegedly Complaining About Two Women Kissing

A new online video captured the profanity-laden walk of shame taken by a group of pool guests who allegedly complained about two queer Black women kissing in the pool.

The incident leading to the group's ouster was described in detail in the Instagram post's caption.

The Black Bay Area, the account that posted the clip, explained the mostly-White group had clearly singled out the two Black women with their complaints.

"Happened yesterday in Sacramento at the Kimpton hotel pool."
"A pack of White straight women in a cabana demanded that a queer Black woman (Dom Veas of Oakland) to stop kissing her girlfriend in the pool because 'there were children present!'"
"Of course there were many other (straight/White) couples in the pool with plenty of PDA, but they only insisted that only Black queer [women] stop."
"And we know why."

The group didn't handle being challenged by others in the pool very well.

"When confronted by bystanders, 'the White party' claimed there's no way they were racist because one of them was 'Hispanic'."
"Like you can't be both."
"Eventually their whole party was literally shamed out of the pool."

The 90-second video showed what happened after.

One woman in the party flipped off the camera and cussed out the person filming. Another told someone in the pool they'd "be a terrible father" and swore repeatedly at them for about a minute, apparently forgetting about her prior concern for what children might witness.

People who saw the clip found the public shaming satisfying.






So it's probably a safe bet they won't be returning to that pool any time soon.

Given there are still 27 days remaining in Pride Month and plenty more folks might be kissing in the pool, that may be for the best.