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Lingerie Brand Epically Shuts Down Homophobic Trolls After Featuring Genderfluid Model On Instagram

Lingerie Brand Epically Shuts Down Homophobic Trolls After Featuring Genderfluid Model On Instagram

Queer representation in capitalism is a goal that we are slowly working toward.

Five years after the legalization of same-sex marriage at the federal level, folks of different sexualities and gender expression are still fighting for representation in the media.

While conservative critics point to a secret evil agenda, the real goal is simple. We exist and want to be able to enjoy all the same human rights those critics already have.

Meet Jake DuPree, genderfluid model and heartthrob.

You may recognize Jake from various places around the internet, such as their fun, quirky fitness brand.

You can see Jake in action here:

Jake DuPree is here to show you how to be extra in your workout class. ⭐😉

Jake DuPree began exploring their genderfluidity three years ago after a traumatic breakup.

Clothing is an important part of their self expression.

DuPree was following Playful Promisesfor awhile before the brand reached out to them.

They said:

"I have followed them for years, just in awe of all of their lingerie."
"They always feature so many different types of female bodies, and I know inclusivity is very important to their brand. It's very inspiring to see that, and I had never seen them post a male body before in their lingerie."

The best part is that Playful Promises also stands up for their genderfluid model, who received a bit of backlash on the post.

But the brand shaded those haters like no other shade in the world.



People were thrilled with the lingerie brand's support for Dupree.

Fans applaud the Playful Promisesbrand because they are normalizing male figures in traditionally "feminine" wardrobe choices—breaking the gender binary without a second thought.

And when more haters showed up?

So did Playful Promises.






DuPree said of the haters:

"Negative comments do not bother me anymore because I am so happy with my life and feeling comfortable with myself."
"I have such a thick skin already, but reading some of those things stung. I did not realize that I would cause such an uproar just by wearing lingerie."
"I think it challenges people's idea of gender seeing a muscular guy wear something so inherently feminine."

Playful Promiseskeeps its promises to honor all bodies in lingerie.

It could be a powerful pathway for genderfluid and gender non-conforming folks to explore their expression if we continue to celebrate folks like Jake rocking their truth.

You can rock some of the Playful Promises looks here.