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P!nk Furious Over Sight Of DeSantis-Supporting Nazis Protesting Outside Disney World

The singer shared Florida Rep. Anna V. Eskamani's tweet of a video showing white supremacists with Nazi and DeSantis flags outside the entrance to Disney World.

Instagram screenshot of P!nk; Twitter screenshot of White supremacists waving Nazi flags outside Disney World
@pink/Instagram; @AnnaForFlorida/Twitter

Singer P!nk expressed strong condemnation for a group of protesters who descended upon Orlando's Disney World waving Nazi flags and supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently launched his 2024 presidential campaign.

P!nk took to Twitter to express her outrage, sharing a video from State Democratic Representative Anna Eskamani that captured the disturbing scene.

The protesters utilized fascist imagery, held signs endorsing DeSantis, and used a bullhorn to spread their message. While no incidents were reported, the protest highlighted the need for condemnation of hate speech and discriminatory ideologies.

IP!nk shared expressed her shock and disgust at the protesters' actions, writing:

"ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME????!!!!!!!!"

You can see P!nk's post below.

You can see video footage of the White supremacist DeSantis supporters below.

Many expressed similar anger and disgust and condemned the White supremacists' actions.

Reports indicated that the protesters were a small group, estimated to be around 15 individuals, who gathered outside the theme park.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office stated that the protest did not result in any incidents, and it dissipated within a few hours without any arrests.

The Sheriff's Office acknowledged the presence of the protest and expressed awareness of groups aiming to "agitate and incite people with anti-Semitic symbols and slurs." While deploring hate speech "in any form," the office maintained that "people have the First Amendment right to demonstrate."

The DeSantis administration, which has recently passed laws limiting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, had not commented on the protest at the time of reporting.

This silence raised concerns among various humanitarian and civil rights organizations, as DeSantis' controversial statements and legal maneuvers have garnered significant criticism of his "anti-woke" agenda.

These actions have prompted travel restrictions on Florida that reflect the organizations' objections to the state's policies and underscore their commitment to upholding inclusive values and protecting marginalized communities.