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Pig Sparks Unusual Fire After Pooping Out Another Pig's Pedometer

Getty Images/
Glenn Asakawa

Even pigs can cause fires. This cute farm favorite ate a pedometer, one thing led to another, and it sparked a fire near Leeds, UK.

Farmers were working hard to prove that the animals were free range. One of the methods they use is they give pigs pedometers to track their steps.

Like a farm friendly version of a FitBit.

Thankfully, no pigs were hurt after 4 fire crews were called to a blaze covering four pigpens on Saturday afternoon.

Now that we know they were all safe and sound, the internet had some jokes.

Starting with this amazing headline.

And the jokes kept coming.

Are bacon jokes mean?

The fire and rescue service said the fire was caused by "nature taking its course" and copper from the pedometer battery reacting with the pigpen's contents.

So, to recap: they gave pigs pedometers, another pig ate said pedometer, then pooped it, and it started a fire.

You can't make this up.

"A hose reel was used to extinguish the fire and save the bacon," the fire service said.