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Piers Morgan Came For Ariana Grande's Mother And Ariana Just Clapped Back In The Most Savage Way

Piers Morgan is predominantly famous for being kind of awful. How awful? Well, he once said that men who carry their babies aren't real men... sooooooo... very. Recently he went off on one of his typical tantrums - this time aimed at Ellen and the group Little Mix. He drew the attention of Ariana Grande's mom Joan, who kind of mom-scolded him on Twitter. He responded to Joan, essentially saying Ellen is a hypocrite and Little Mix was using their sexuality inappropriately. Ariana must not have been busy at the moment, or maybe she canceled her meetings but she had all the time in the world to fire back at him.

Let's start from the top. Piers initially tweeted a video that Ellen released for International Men's Day. According to him it was total hypocrisy because Ellen showed some pictures the men had taken shirtless, but when he told a woman they had nice legs people called him a creep. We could go into the differences between consensual images and a rando commenting on your thighs, but that's not really important. The next day Piers went after Little Mix for an image they released. The image suggested they were nude (you can't see anything) and words and phrases were written across their bodies. The image was meant as a nod to an image the Dixie Chicks did for a magazine cover.

Piers singled out member Jesy, who he had previous beef with, and said she looked ridiculous and should put some clothes on.

His followers weren't feeling it - particularly since Piers himself has posed mostly nude (for a Burger King fragrance, no less) and he was a vocal supporter of "grid girls" when their jobs were in danger. Grid girls are the girls in bikinis who walk around holding up cards that show what round it is in a boxing match or other sporting event. So it's okay for Piers to be nude and for grid girls to use their sexuality as long as it's for a reason he enjoys?

Yeah his followers weren't happy.

Enter Joan, asking what people everywhere want to know. Honestly what is wrong with you, Piers?

Piers responded, essentially saying he's a jerk because his mommy taught him so? Also, he would "prefer" that Little Mix sold records using talent not sexuality. He ended by referencing Ariana herself as though she had never allowed sexuality to be a part of her work. Piers clearly isn't a fan or he'd know Ariana proudly embraces all facets of herself in her work - up to and including her sexuality. No worries, he was about to learn.

Here's his response:

Ariana swooped in with a mini tweetnado for Piers.

People were absolutely here for this.

Piers didn't let it die there. He tagged in some other celebs who he has had beef with in the past and then acted annoyed when they supported one another.

Once the 53-yr-old man had stirred up enough attention and tagged in enough celebrities for his trolling, he declared himself the victim of bullying.

Ariana went on about business as usual, ignoring his trolling.

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed