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Photo Of Trump Adviser's Departure From White House Gets Brutally Photoshopped By Twitter

Alex Wong/Getty Images

In the final weeks, Trump's presidency has fallen apart.

In addition to being impeached a second time, his cabinet has also begun tendering their resignations.

Staffers are also beginning their move-out as President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20. And staffer Peter Navarro was captured on camera leaving with a very conspicuous photo.

The photo was ripe for a meme treatment, and a meme treatment it got.

Some editors are taking a more political angle, shopping major Trump presidency faux pas onto the frame:

While others are just going for the "wow, this was an embarrassing four years" angle.

Trump's presidency leaves a fractured, frazzled USA behind to pick up the pieces and move on.

But at least the memes will be fantastic.