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Very Phallic-Looking Lamp That Costs Nearly $5,000 Has The Internet Creeped All The Way Out

Monsby/YouTube; @tyler_posting/Twitter

An extremely NSFW lamp making the rounds across the internet has raised a few eyebrows, to say the very least.

The lamp, which is already a bit phallic, requires you to perform a very specific gesture in order to turn it on that resembles a sex act.

Err....see for yourself.

The lamp, aptly titled "Love In Light," was created by artist Monsby. And despite it seeming like poor product design, Monsby's website assures potential buyers that the phallic resemblance was very intentional.

"I had been working on this lamp for about about a year. It had different names during that period: Phallamp, Lampenis etc."

"After all, the main idea of this lamp is not in the similarity with the penis, although, of course, it is funny. It is about love, light and life. The most meaningful and optimistic lamp ever."

The lamp's going price is Β£3,500, ($4,771.15 USD) but can also be purchased as an NFT (a virtual collector's item.)

It comes in an ornate box with a certificate of authenticity.

The lamp continues to horrify the internet, no matter how many times they see it show up on their feed.