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Pete Buttigieg Becomes The Official Secretary Of Thirst Traps After He Exercises Shirtless

Pete Buttigieg Becomes The Official Secretary Of Thirst Traps After He Exercises Shirtless
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Democratic Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg made history in 2020 as the first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate, and in 2021 as the first openly gay presidential Cabinet member.

Now he seems poised to make history again in a whole new way—by being promoted to the newly created position of Secretary of Thirst Traps after shirtless photos of him sent the internet into a horny tizzy.

Someone hit up Costco and buy some water in bulk, because the internet has been left parched by the Secretary.

It all began when Pete's husband Chasten Buttigieg snapped some photos of the Secretary this past weekend after a 60-mile bike ride in the heat and humidity of Washington DC, which had been enduring a heat wave earlier this month. Buttigieg had peeled his shirt off in the heat, revealing a very jacked physique underneath.

Thankfully for the thirsty internet, Chasten was game to upload his very buff and very sweaty husband to his Instagram story. They pretty much immediately went viral, because the internet's horniness should never be underestimated.

Sexiness isn't exactly Secretary Buttigieg's brand—he's better known for being a super smart, erudite and detail-oriented policy wonk and former military member. But this is hardly the first time Buttigieg has inspired an epidemic of thirst on the internet.
A doctored picture of him with a beard released last year broke the internet too—especially among gay men, many of whom erupted into lustful choruses of "Hey zaddy!"
Perhaps Buttigieg should consider a rebrand as detail-oriented wonk and weapons-grade hottie? He's on top of the facts and figures and looks like a fitness model with his shirt off.
What can't he do?!

On Twitter, the thirst was real.

Thank you for this valuable public service, Secretary Buttigieg.