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Alison Ettel, AKA 'Permit Patty,' Is Officially Out Of A Job Following Internet Backlash

Alison Ettel, AKA 'Permit Patty,' Is Officially Out Of A Job Following Internet Backlash

The woman who called the cops on an eight-year-old black girl selling bottled water has resigned from her position at a marijuana producer, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

Alison Ettel, better known as "Permit Patty," stepped down from her role as CEO of Treatwell Health, which grows pot designed for cats and dogs.

"Alison Ettel, CEO of TreatWell Health, has resigned, effective immediately. This decision, while not an easy one, is in the best interest of their patients," Treatwell said in a statement. "It is Ms. Ettel's belief that TreatWell, its employees, and patients should not have to suffer because of a situation that occurred in an escalated moment. And she regrets her part and is remorseful."

Last Saturday, Ettle was captured in a video as she called the police because a little girl was selling $2 bottled water on a hot date in San Francisco, California.

Ettle ducked behind a wall after she realized she was being recorded.

Ettel told HuffPo she called the cops because she thought the girl was being too loud, but the San Francisco Police Department told NBC News they never received a complaint prior to Ettel's call.

"I think she's a bully," the girl's mother, Erin Austin, told CNN. "Just the fact that she called the police on a child, that's evil. But to call on a child of color, knowing that police have been killing black kids, that says to me that you don't care about my child's life."

By Tuesday, several companies had pulled Treatwell's products from their shelves, basically forcing Ettel to quit.

Obviously, she's now a meme, as so many others have become due to their overly racist behavior.

The optics of a white woman who sells edibles for pets calling the cops on a black girl selling water without a permit is... well, you decide. It's privilege at its finest.