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People Share The Most Underrated Hygiene Tips They Know

Reddit user Away_Needleworker655 asked: 'What are some underrated hygiene tips?'

Someone washing their hands.

One would think that everyone would have the most basic grasp of what constitutes good hygiene.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, washing your hair a few days a week, washing your hands on a regular basis.

Some go to more extreme lengths, such as multiple facial rinses and cleansers to prevent and/or eliminate pimples or acne, or having a dedicated soap or lotion for each part of the body.

But good hygiene might not require as much effort as one might think.

Indeed, there are some undervalued, if not completely unknown methods to keep your appearance, breath and odor at bay.

Redditor Away_Needleworker655 was curious to learn all the best overlooked tips for maintaining good hygiene, leading them to ask:

"What are some underrated hygiene tips?"

Paging Kimmy Gibbler...

"I work for a sock design company."

"Sooooo many people think they have bad foot odor, and some do, but most people are just wearing really low quality all polyester socks."

"Switch to a cotton blend or wool blend!"

"You will see a huge difference."- e_vil_ginger

Not Just For The Drawers...

"Baking soda works better than any other gimmicky product for stinky shoes."- Randomhero4200

A Mango A Day...

"Years and years ago I saw a comment on reddit that said mangoes are great if you have acne."

"So I started eating lots of mango and when I regularly do it after a few weeks my face clears up, then I get lazy stop eating mangoes consistently and the acne comes back."

"I mention this to people every now and then and nobody else ever heard of this tip but it seems to work for me."- steppenfloyd

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Ask Yourself Where Your Hands Have Been...

" Cleaning/ disinfecting your phone."

"It has so much bacteria and I hate when someone shows me to look at their phone and that s*it's crusty."- DazzlingAngel205

Slow And Steady...

"When cleansing your face, spend 60 seconds rubbing the cleanser in."

"I swear it’ll get all that sebum & blackheads off."

"But don’t, like, rub so vigorously like you’re trying to get a marker stain off your face, be gentle."

"Please, wash your butthole in the shower."

"Yes, it’s weird."

"Too many people leaving gross stains on medical beds & it needs to stop."- GetItGirrl00

Never Assume No One Will Notice...

"A teacher once told my class, if you can smell YOU, so can everyone else."- Rlfs432

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Bacteria Knows No Barriers...

"Washing your reusable water bottle daily to prevent bacterial growth."

"Changing your pillowcase frequently to prevent oil and bacteria buildup."

"Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen sink, as it can harbor harmful bacteria."- legend0920

Every Crevice Deserves Attention

"Clean behind your ears."

"Or your belly button."- candles4lyfe

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You Don't Always Have To Go Whole Hog...

"If you are disabled, chronically ill, dealing with mental illness, etc, and struggle to shower, use baby wipes or a wet rag to wash yourself."

"It will help you feel refreshed, and something is better than nothing!"- Hildegaurdian

A Tooth Brush Can't Get It All!

"F*ckin floss guys."

"It's not that hard and makes a huge difference."- ronniemustang

Dirty Things Still Deserve Clean Destinations

"Clean the rubber garbage disposal guard in the sink."

"It gets really gross in there and stinks—you can just pop it out and give it a good scrubbing."

"After you put it back, you can clean the inside of the disposal to keep it smelling fresh."

"Glisten makes little packets that you put down the disposal—-better than those little citrus-scented beads."

"Also, take a Clorox wipe to the inside of all trash cans inside your home (kitchen, bathroom, etc)."

"Germs and debris can build up and get funky, especially if a bag has leaked."

"I then take another wipe to clean the outside of the can."- electricsugargiggles

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Worth Digging Your Nails Into...

"Scratch your hand with soap on it to clean under the nails."- Pricklypastaplant

Lingering Aroma

"Use body cream straight after you shower and then apply your cologne or perfume whatever."

"It absorbs everything and you smell good for hours."- Come-for-Megatron

Filth Often Grows When Sitting Still...

"Maybe not so much hygiene per se but in order to keep your house tidy it really helps to never walk empty handed."

"If you’re sitting at the dinner table for example and getting up for a drink/toilet visit/whatever, put your plate and cutlery on the counter."

"Goes for everything that needs to be moved anyway, snack wrappers, glasses, cups etc."

"Takes almost no extra effort and it is a habit that’s very easy to gain."

"This way you’ll prevent a buildup of a seemingly unmanageable amount of clutter/trash."

"House is easier to clean and it is better for your peace of mind."

"So incredibly simple but turned out to be a life changer for me and some of my ADHD friends."

"Try it for a couple of days/weeks and it becomes so habitual that it doesn’t take any discipline to keep it up."

"Because I know that lack of discipline can become a (very) serious problem if you have nothing to fall back on."- MWFtheFreeze

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Sometimes, washing our hands and brushing our teeth might seem like a burden at the end of the day.

With that in mind, it's always nice to learn hygiene tips that are not only practical, but also possibly fun.

So, who wants a mango smoothie?