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People Share The Snobbiest Thing They've Ever Seen Someone Do

People Share The Snobbiest Thing They've Ever Seen Someone Do
Photo by Shane on Unsplash

Oh get off your high horse fool.

Let'e be very clear... nobody is better than anyone else. Unless of course someone is a serial killer or someone of evil ilk.

Otherwise, the rest of us, on the day to day, when living and interacting, no one person is superior in human value than another.

So it's often mind boggling when we come across a person who is consumed with arrogance and snobbery. You're not special sweeties.

Redditor lifeingotham wanted to know what sort of arrogant behaviors they've been witness to by asking...

What is the snobbiest, most entitled thing you have ever witnessed from another person?

In Canada....

My husband and I host high school age exchange students (In Canada), they come from a bunch of different places in the world. Had this one boy from Southern Italy..... about 2 weeks in, we had this conversation:

Him: My sheets haven't been washed yet.
Me: Have you washed them?
Him: No
Me: Well that's probably why they haven't been washed.
Him: The housekeeper does that.

The weird thing is that he did his clothes laundry - his hang up with the sheets was he didn't know how to put it back together. Needless to say, he learned how to do laundry properly (1 load does not equal 4 socks..... that's a waste of water), make a bed, and left to go home with some basic cooking skills and a couple recipes in his pocket (we taught him to boil water for pasta and he learned the hard way that the tomato sauce gets put in AFTER the water gets drained from the pot).

Kid was definitely a brat but his willingness to learn these things made us have the patience to teach him. This year he left home to go to University and sounds like some of these skills are working out for him :). TRNLJ6


"I should have your laptop. You're sick. You'll never use it." This was my ex-friend telling me, someone who was on her (my) thirtieth round of chemo, that she (Ex-friend) should get my new laptop that was sent to me by a charity run by my hospital. PurpleMerple

Let's call her Courtney.....


Background: Back when I was getting my Masters degree my best friend and I decided to get coffee together as a break from the hectic schedule we had that week. There was an another girl from our class who we were polite and friendly to but not really friends with. Let's call her Courtney. She was pretty and expected people to do the work for her and coasted through most the year because this course had a lot of group assignments.

It had become clear to almost everyone by the second day of the term that she didn't actually wanted to study and instead, used to scope out places and insert herself into conversations where people used to talk about anything relating to money or wealth. It was weird, her eyes would practically light up when she heard someone uses an expensive beauty brand, visits an expensive bar or if someone had a relatively famous last name or lineage.

Incident: Anyway, my best friend and I didn't have much in common with her but she insisted on joining us for coffee. We gave in and said okay and gave her the directions to meet us. Fast forward to us sitting in the cafe, she enters one hour later, spots us and without even making eye contact or greeting the waiter drops her wet half open umbrella on to/ near his hands.

We immediately directed her attention to what she had just done and the poor waiter who was stunned, not knowing what to do. She shrugged and said, "It's fine." My friend and I were horrified, we emphatically said, "No, it's not!" before we profusely apologized to the waiter, didn't stay much longer after that but made sure to leave him a big tip. KindHearted_IceQueen

The Signs...

I work at a grocery store deli and a coworker was once asked what the sale items were, so my co worker mentioned that all yellow signs are specials, and she pointed to the signs we have.

The customer point blank told the coworker that she has no time to look at signs she needs to tell her all the sales. Mewmaster101


My sister threw a tantrum because her rich boyfriend would only buy her a ford escape and not a Mercedes. She eventually got her Mercedes though. redpatchedsox

The nerve of that guy! I hope she kicked him to the curb until she can find a man who respects her like she deserves. lifeingotham

911 Operators Break Down The Strangest Call They've Ever Received | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Riding the metro in Kuala Lumpur.....


Riding the metro in Kuala Lumpur during the morning commute and this family gets on with a bunch of luggage... probably headed to the airport. They proceed to pile up the luggage at the door to prevent people getting on or off, presumably because they knew that the car would eventually be packed at that hour. People getting off had to cross into the adjacent car. tablair

No Tears....

It was my first day working in a coffee shop. I was replacing someone else, and in the confusion of the switch, I didn't get the next customer's order right.

He looked at me angrily as I remade his order and said "Should have stayed in school!" I almost started crying but managed to keep my composure. DJBlok

bag the bits....

I used to live near a very affluent area, and many of the most convenient grocery stores were just inside said area. A friend of mine was staying with us for a few weeks and would occasionally stop by said stores on her way home from work.

One day, while she at the self checkout a woman came up to her telling her to bag her groceries. My friend politely told her she didn't work there. The lady then insisted that my friend did indeed work there, and demanded she bag her groceries citing the way she was dressed. For reference, at the time she was working as an intern at a local engineering firm so her outfit was professional, and not at all resembling the uniform of the store.

Eventually this lady's tantrum caught the attention of an actual employee, who then had to tell the woman SEVERAL times that my friend was not in fact an employee of the store. At which point the woman said something along the lines of "well she should have just bagged my groceries anyway."

And that reddit, is the story of how one of my very best friends came the closest she's ever been to literally choking a witch. TehAsianator

It's just $300....


A girl asked me why I would feel bad asking for a 300 dollar gaming console from my parents. We aren't rich, we do fine, but they can't just be dropping 300 dollars on me whenever I want. whynotpineapple

"So I have to get my own food?"

I work at a high end buffet here in Vegas. You get sat, are told to wait, I come up and greet you, explain our offerings, go over the drink menu, take a drink order and then inform you to help yourself while I get the drinks. As I step away one time I heard a kid about 8 or so say, "So I have to get my own food?" Mom said yes. Kid said, "I told you we should have brought Michael with us." Mom said, "NO, I told you before, we're not bringing our butler on vacation."

I was 5 feet away and this was clear as day. That kid was 100% not joking one bit. He really wanted his family butler to be on vacation so he wouldn't have to walk to a buffet and get his own food. I'm not insulting the little dude for having one baller lifestyle, but holy crap that was a mindmess of a conversation to hear. buffetserver

Wrong Color?


This girl on Super Sweet 16 birthday who gets a Lexus and then trashes her mom for ruining her life. PhreddyPhuchtard

Ooh, I'll buy if you fly....

A couple of years ago I had a study group going for a college course. We were usually together for a good 3 or 4 hours, so it was pretty common for someone to volunteer to go get food for everyone, and since they were the person getting us food, we would all kick in a little extra so that the person getting the food didn't have to pay for theirs. Colloquially, "If you fly, I'll buy."

So one day one of the girls in the group announces she's going to Dunkin' Donuts about an hour into the study session. I look up and say, "Ooh, I'll buy if you fly," and she looks at me like I've grown an extra appendage and scoffs, in this really disgusted tone, "I don't bring food to other people. Servants do that."

Keep in mind, we'd all been doing this for each other for weeks now. She knew it was a thing. I was completely floored. PM_ME_COLOR_STORIES

Ears Closed. 

Definitely not the absolute worst, but I was on a plane for a few hours today, and someone thought it was a good idea to play their music out loud for the whole plane because they couldn't be bothered to use headphones. I fly all the time, and it isn't the first time someone's done that, but it's definitely the longest they've gotten away with it for. ConfusedContortion

Fetch You!! 

Saw some like 12 year old rich kid with his Dad at Guitar Center buying like $6,000 worth of recording equipment. An item he was purchasing was on the lowest shelf, yet he snapped his fingers and pointed at it, telling an employee to "fetch this" for him. I wouldn't take that kinda disrespect from anyone, especially from some rich kid while I'm working a low paying position. Josh_AdrenalineLV

How about we crate both?


A plane I was on almost got entirely de-planed because a woman at the front took her dog out of its crate and refused to put it back in.

Not to mention we were already 45 minutes delayed because the crew was late. The_Essex

You're Hilarious!


Was an RA for three years, we had a student and his mom aggressively call the dorm's front office because "it's been two weeks and nobody's come to clean our room yet." Nope! I thought it was a joke at first too! Like at first it was just the student calling and he was like "yeah, I was wondering if they forgot to clean my room, it's been two weeks since classes started and it's real messy"

I genuinely laughed, thinking it was some elaborate prank call by a freshman with a good sense of humor or whatever.

Nope, the mom starts talking "I'm glad you think this is funny, I'm not paying $3000 a semester for a messy room, where are the maids?"

To say I was befuddled was an understatement, I had to explain that, not only was this one of the cheaper dorms, but to hire a cleaning staff for all the rooms (this being one of the bigger dorms on campus) would be astronomically expensive.

No apology, the mom just hung up. The freshman kept posting on his social media how crappy our dorms were.

This was 2 years ago, so the details are a bit foggy, but I for sure remember that exchange and I vaguely recall that freshman trying to be an RA the following year. cocoabuttersamurai

Friends Out. 

Ex-friend was with me at lunch. The waiter came up to the table and she looked him up and down. She shook her head and said "No... no, go get someone else, I'm not putting up with you for the next hour."

We weren't friends for long after that. jippyzippylippy

I'm Gorgeous so.... 

There was this girl that started working at the store I worked at and one night we were scheduled to work together in the same area. People who work an area together usually talk while performing the menial tasks so I figured I would get to know her. She explained she was a former model and she seemed super prissy. Not to insult her character but it explains why she said what she did.

Imagine a typical conversation where you're trading stories and comparing but every time I would talk she would say, verbatim, "Yeahhhhh, but I don't really care about that" and "I don't really want to hear about that" with no proposed alternatives to conversation or anything. It screamed, "I'll talk, you'll listen, and nothing else." IsolatedThinker89

Not so Special. 

Back in the day when I first began to do fieldwork I met someone who just got his PhD (and truly felt like he was the bomb). While we were out there, an old friend who he hasn't seen in years came up to him and greeted him using his first name. He actually stopped the person in the middle of their sentence and said "excuse me, my name is Dr...___) and he was absolutely serious.

This was about ten years ago and I now have a PhD but I wouldn't imagine doing that to anyone. Really, the only people that refer to me as Dr are my students (if they don't use professor) or if I am at a conference or something and that is absolutely fine by me. suchascenicworld

Um. No.


When I worked at Best Buy we had a girl quit after her second day because she found out she had to vacuum her section at the end of the night. Apparently she didn't "do" vacuuming. schaudhery


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