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People Reveal The Best Compliments They've Ever Received

Reddit user Ghosttown_17 asked: 'What is the best compliment you have ever received?'

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When you're having a lackluster day and you feel like you're not enough, there's nothing like a simple compliment to lift your spirits.

All it takes is one person to comment on your appearance, like how well you're dressed for the day, or validate how hard you've been working can make you feel seen and good about yourself.

And then there are the ones that stay with you and continue to bring a smile to your face.

Curious to hear of heartwarming examples from strangers online, Redditor Ghosttown_17 asked:

"What is the best compliment you have ever received?"

Some people are just approachable.

The Community Leader

"I've organised a weekly parkrun for 14 years now, and I never get tired of people telling me how much it has improved their lives for the better. Had a family of 7 turn up only this week to celebrate the 100th run of grandfather."

"He had heart troubles and so started doing parkrun. The rest of the family looked at him and realised that if he could do it then so could they, and now the whole familiy is now fitter and healthier than ever before. Also had a mother and two sons who lost over 400lb between them."

"Also a kid who did his first ever athletic event at my parkrun in 2018 and this year represented GB at the world cross country championships in Australia. parkrun changes lives."

– Another_Random_Chap

Looking Smart

"Some lady in grocery store just today randomly talked to me about the drastic high costs nowadays and how little people earn .. we had a deeper conversation about that. Then she said, 'I knew it. I talked to you because you looked intelligent.'"

"I was standing there... shook but thankful with my 3 packages of Pringles. 😂"

– Mi_Ju_To

Ultimate Validation

"'My parents could write an essay on how much they like you' - my best friend."

"Idk why i love it so much more when someones parents like me its such an honour."

– toothacin

A little validation that we're doing okay goes a long way.

Model Parenting

"A young couple approached me and my ex at a restaurant and said “I don’t mean to sound like we were eavesdropping, but I just had to let you know that we have been listening to the way that you talk to your son, and you are amazing parents."

"We both wish that our parents could have been more like you, and that we can have this kind of relationship with our future children.”

"I have no idea what stuck out about our conversation, but it made me realize that, yes, we are actually doing an okay job at this."

– 081CHEM

Teacher's Approval

'It was a pleasure having you in class. I appreciate your politeness and professionalism. You are truly a student i will miss. Thank you, for your diligence, dedication and commitment to the course...'

"-my math professor at the end of this semester via email."

"As an asocial hermit finally furthering his education at 29, this meant a great deal to recieve this message."

– Suspicious_Heat_2900

Recognition For Excellence

"I had a professor send me an email (CCing his department head) trying to convince me to switch majors because of, 'outstanding performance in CSC 200 last semester.'”

"The course was introduction to computer science and I had been randomly assigned to it as a freshman. I responded and thanked him for thinking of me, but told him I was very passionate about my major. Maybe I should’ve listened, I would make a lot more in computer science than I do now."

"I never got such a nice email from any professors within my actual department…"

– r311im507

Natural Poet

"My creative writing professor handed me back a stack of my poetry and said 'i dont know what you’re doing, but this is what you’re meant to do.' Best compliment ever."

"RIP Bob Bausch. (He wrote the book Almighty Me, which was later turned into the movie Bruce Almighty)"

– Orchid27

Beyond A Stereotype

"A former boss said, 'I like that you have a Type B personality, but you get Type A results.'"

– Dhrakdrama

The simplest comment can be the most profound.

Bittersweet Breakup

"I broke up with my girlfriend because we were drifitng apart and I had to focus on other things as well."

"She thanked me for being a good boyfriend. That made me cry."

– Snimo_9

"That’s a really good compliment even when making her sad and breaking up with her she is thanking you. You must be a really good human being for her to say this and especially saying this under these circumstances."

– chill90ies

Best Compliments Ever

"That I should come in a pill form so that people could have a dose of me when needed."

– MostLarble

"Someone once told me I’m the human version of a Friday night."

– OfficialEmeraldChat

Writer's Biggest Fan

"I write historical fiction as a paying hobby. My father is a big reader, but he's not an effusive man. Once upon a time he read one of my novels and said to my mother when I wasn't around, 'This... This is like a real book.'"

"A finer compliment has never been paid to any writer. I promise you."

– faceintheblue

Daughter's Praise

"From my daughter’s first grade teacher:"

“Today I noticed something very sweet about your daughter. Most kids in first grade talk about their moms a lot, especially girls. While this is sweet I always wished dads got the same level of kudos from their daughters. Well your daughter has fulfilled that wish. She talks about you all the time and it is so sweet. You are definitely a super hero in her eyes, so kudos to you for being a great dad and having such a positive impact on your daughter!”

"I reread this whenever I’m really missing her as she lives 5 hours away."

– MNJayW

It's nice to hear praise in the looks department.

Outside Perspective

"Once my friend commented that I have 'very shapely legs.'"

"I've always hated my legs and thought they were too thick to show off. But this comment has completely revolutionized the way I see myself. I DO have shapely legs."

"It's far too easy to get caught up wishing I looked like other people, but maybe, just MAYBE, others wish they looked like ME! The simplest compliment that lives in the back of my mind, continually giving me confidence in my short, stumpy, 'shapely' yams."

– Silent_Dragonfly_751

Role Model

"Was in the locker room at the gym, shaving my face after a shower. A guy and his son came in and he was talking to the kid about exercise and working out and setting goals. The kid looked at me and said 'I want to look like him.'"

"I almost cried."

– itsamatterofattitude

Long, Beautiful Hair

'Your hair suits you well! Why have you never kept it long?'

"Everyone says this nowadays. I religiously cut my hair short due to my immediate family disliking anything that was not clean-cut."

"I keep it long nowadays. Never felt better about myself."

– walkietacos

Security Approval

"A TSA agent once told me I was the most incredibly handsome man that she had ever seen. I was twenty years younger at the time."

– mgoflash

Back when I was actively auditioning as a dancer for Broadway, a woman who was a star ensemble in many Broadway shows at the time recognized me from an audition we had just finished.

I was standing on the subway platform waiting for the train when she approached me and told me, "I was watching your audition and I want to let you know that you are a beautiful dancer. I really like your graceful moments and elegant style. Never lose that."

I was cut from the audition as the technical level was, let's say, beyond my natural capabilities. But I gave it my best.

Even though I was not right for the show, hearing the compliment from this phenomenal performer at the time validated that I was enough.

Never give up on your dreams. Do the work, keep it authentic, and you will be noticed.