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People Are Sharing The Biggest Lies They've Told To Get Something They Wanted—And There Are Some Doozies 😂

Ross Gilmore/Redferns, Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

Everyone has lied at some point in their lives. Taking it a step further, everyone has lied for the sake of expediency before. However, sometimes people take it to the extreme in order to get what they want. Now, they're coming clean.

It all started when writer Nicole Cliffe tweeted...

And Twitter quickly obliged.

There was this clever way to catch a concert.

This person just wanted to sweeten the good luck pot.

Monica Lewinsky even joined in.

Peyton's friend tried an interesting film festival gambit.

And Alexa came up with a dastardly plan to steal her little sister's money.

Keith became the newly crowned king of his high school.

While Andrew had fake PTSD.

This is a pretty smart way to get some free fries.

And Maggie's grandfather had a great tale of survival.

But some wanted to go back to Cliffe's original lie and get a little bit more detail.

But there were still skeptics.

Yes. Yes it would. Hm.

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