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People Are Revealing The Definitive Moment They 'Uncrushed' On Their Crush

Getty Images // @SamaraNReed/Twitter

I can tell you of several times when I lost interest in a crush.

There was the one who cursed out a waiter in the very restaurant we were sitting in. There was another who bullied a student in full view of our classmates.

Needless to say, those crushes were over right away.

We can all relate to the moments when we "uncrushed" on someone.

That was the basis for the question VICE writer Nicole Clark put out into the Twitterverse.

People soon responded with their own stories.

Grammar is essential.

Rudeness and entitlement are not.


That's messed up.

Okay, then.


Somehow even more awkward.

Who could it be?!

Um, thanks, cigarettes?

What a piece of work.

Red flags!

Even bigger red flag!


That would do it.

Amen, sister.

Don't do any of this, kids.

Do better.