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'One Million Moms' Is Now Attacking Sephora For Featuring A Gay Couple In New Holiday Ad

'One Million Moms' Is Now Attacking Sephora For Featuring A Gay Couple In New Holiday Ad

It's the holiday season, which means parties, presents and of course, conservatives getting angry society is progressing further into an inclusive future.

Last Christmas, conservative advocacy group "One Million Moms" set up petitions against Uber Eats and The Hallmark Channel for featuring either openly queer/non-binary people in their advertisements or for depicting same-sex couples in their advertisement.

And this time, the game is the same but for a different company.

After the airing of this Sephora ad, which featured a gay couple kissing at the end, the "One Million Moms" homepage was ablaze with a rant from its leaders, Monica Cole, who is oft a spokesperson for the group.

"Sephora’s primary customer base is women, yet the company ends the commercial with two men kissing. Promoting same-sex relationships should have nothing to do with marketing makeup and skin care products."
"Yet Sephora wants to make it clear where it stands on this controversial topic instead of remaining neutral in the culture war."

Once again, "One Million Moms," which is actually made up of far less than one million members and contains mostly men in its leadership, pushed the issue of "children's safety" in their outrage against the commercial.

"The way this advertisement is pushing the LGBTQ agenda is very concerning, but what is even more concerning is that this commercial is airing when children are likely to be watching television during family viewing time."

The petition against Sephora penned by "One Million Moms" currently stands at just over 12,700 signatures, a far cry short of its one million claim.

Sephora has not responded, though the internet is having a laugh at OMM's expense.

For a fun timeline of all of the things that "One Million Moms" got angry at in 2020, check out the list here.