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Serena Williams Tried To Give Her Fans Some Beauty Tips, But Her Daughter Olympia Completely Stole The Show


Never bring your toddler into your marketing material--she will upstage you.

Serena Williams learned this the hard way when her 2-year-old, Olympia, completely stole the show during a beauty/makeup video.

Olympia babbles nonstop over Serena while her mom tries to tell the camera how she prepares for the day.

At the end, she takes a spray bottle and gives it one spritz, while Williams exasperatedly says "Olympia..."

Olympia is the daughter of Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

And she's not just known for derailing her mom's videos.

This is just the latest of Olympia's antics that have been caught on video.

Olympia's unbridled joy is such a mood for the beginning of spring.