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OJ Simpson Slammed For His Hot Take On How Letting Trans Athletes Compete Is 'Unfair' To Women

OJ Simpson Slammed For His Hot Take On How Letting Trans Athletes Compete Is 'Unfair' To Women

OJ Simpson has given some seriously unsolicited opinions in the past—like publishing a book titled If I Did It about murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman—but his newest hot take may just take the proverbial cake.

Simpson recorded a video of himself, which he then posted to Twitter, where he disparaged trans women being allowed to play on women's athletic teams—something that has been going on for decades in the NCAA and Olympics.

Simpson then dead-named and misgendered Caitlyn Jenner in the same 1:54 video.

His objection? Trans women competing in sports is unfair—despite all the years of data showing trans women don't dominate in sports like transphobes repeatedly claim they will.

Simpson had no opinion on the impact of domestic violence or murder on women.

After getting into a conversation with his "buddies" about trans people competing in sports, he recalled a moment where he was "upset....when some friends from my old country club in California told me that [Caitlyn] Jenner was playing from the ladies' tees… somehow it just bothered my senses that [she] would be playing from the ladies' tees."

OJ then continued, incorrectly referring to trans women as "transgender males."

"Somehow I just thought it was some sort of unfair. In any event, I say yep, I guess I'm against it. I'm against transgender males competing against women."

Simpson then said his "head hurt" and he "didn't want to think about it," which is especially important since nobody asked him in the first place.

OJ is arguably most famous for his acquittal of the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman, which many people pointed out.

Simpson's unsolicited opinion comes at a scary time for trans people across the United States. Anti-trans legislation surrounding sports teams and healthcare has been coming out at an alarming rate nationwide.

This kind of ignorant, transphobic dialogue will only harm them more.