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Ohio Woman Goes On Punching Rampage Over Slushie Flavors At McDonald's In Viral Video

Ohio Woman Goes On Punching Rampage Over Slushie Flavors At McDonald's In Viral Video
Brian Allen/Facebook

A McDonald's in Ravenna, Ohio faced a rather dangerous situation after denying a customer a tri-color slushie.

Video showed a woman, now known to be 44-year-old Cherysse Helena Cleveland, assaulting several workers after being told that a tri-colored slushie was not an option at the location, which enraged her.

The beginning of the video sees Cleveland trying to access the slushie machine for herself, with two employees blocking her access to it and telling her to "get out."

Soon after, the altercation became physical, when Cleveland punched a manager attempting to calm the situation.

After a brief repose, Cleveland was once again enraged and took a mask off the manager's face, knocked things off of shelves, and said she would gladly "go to prison" for the incident.

However, she was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault, so she will not be heading to prison. Rather, she must keep away from both employees at the McDonald's that she assaulted and pay a bond of $1000.

The man who took the video, Brian Allen, commended the patience of the manager and McDonald's workers.

"If I was in their shoes, I wouldn't have been able to show the restraint they did. You can see from the video that several times, not just once, she physically assaults and or pushes them," he said.

"And they don't do anything except for to try to protect themselves. And you can clearly hear the one employee trying to protect her boss as well. I think they both did outstanding jobs."
"I don't see anybody having to take abuse like that. I think the lesson is just to treat people the way that we want to be treated, and I don't see that a lot in the world anymore."

McDonald's has not yet commented on the incident, but the day after, the lobby of the franchise was closed to the public.