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Ohio Restaurant Patron Brings Staff To Tears After Leaving $2,500 Tip To Help Them Out During Coronavirus Closure

Ohio Restaurant Patron Brings Staff To Tears After Leaving $2,500 Tip To Help Them Out During Coronavirus Closure
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We are in uncertain times right now with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic.

More and more public locations are closing—due to increased requirements for social distancing—and basic supplies are running out everywhere.

But even in a moment like this, there are still people doing good things for others, like supporting a small business that's been heavily impacted by its need to close its doors indefinitely.

Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio was seeing much less traffic than usual—like many similar establishments—as social distancing became a more important step in limiting the spread of the virus. But when Ohio governor, Mike DeWine, ordered all bars and restaurants in the state to be closed—as of 9pm on Sunday—Coaches' situation looked much more bleak.

That is, until one of their regular patrons stepped up.

A gentleman, who wished to remain anonymous, gave a $2,500 dollar tip on his tab of $29.75. He wanted it split between the staff he frequently interacts with, as a way to help them out a little.

The staff was overcome with emotion at the gentleman's kind gesture. Their manager on staff, Benny Leonard, said this act would help everyone and he believed the whole Coaches family would be okay.

Leonard stated:

"It brought some of them to tears, they are going to split it, 13 ways, and it's going to help them and we are a family and we will get through it together. [There were] tears, tears of joy. An unbelievable act of kindness on a pretty weird day."
"We've got unprecedented times going on, we've got people fighting over toilet paper and so on and so forth, and to have a guy show up and care enough about people that give him a beer and a hamburger once in a while, that means a lot. It's humanity at its best."

You can see more about the story here:

Customer leaves $2,500 tip for staff at Columbus

Coaches Bar and Grill later gave the gentleman an anonymous shout-out on Twitter.

Of course, Twitter was overcome with positive feelings over the kind gesture.

But Coaches Bar and Grill wanted to remind everyone the positive vibes are all due to the man who left the tip in the first place.

While we're attempting to fend for ourselves, find basic supplies and figure this whole pandemic out, there are still ways of helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We can't all afford such a generous tip, but even small gestures of kindness can go a long way.