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TikToker's 'Extremely Offline' Mom Attempts To Name Celebrities—And It Goes Hilariously Awry

TikToker @homohoney0 put her mom to the ultimate test—and she mostly crashed and burned, with a few exceptions.

TikToker Peyton Dix's mother guessing the names of celebrities

It's no secret that the world, and the internet, are moving so fast, all the time. Even the most diligent followers are bound to miss something from time to time.

That means those of us who aren't the most computer-savvy tend to have a lot to catch up on every time we log in to our social media accounts.

Never was this more glaringly or hilariously obvious, though, than when Peyton Dix, or @homohoney0 on TikTok, shared a video of her "extremely offline" mom attempting to name today's hottest celebrities.

Dix is the total opposite of her mother in the sense of her online presence. A frequent user of TikTok and Instagram, Dix often covers major celebrity events, like the Golden Globes and hot celebrity gossip, as well as theories about celebrities and astrology.

To mix things up a bit, it only made sense for Dix to invite her mother to the platform to see how much she knew about the celebrities who are currently in the limelight.

And the results were hilariously wrong, as you'll see in the video below:


my mother might be the most extremely offline human and i am so jealous. #momsoftiktok #guessingcelebrities #fyp

The video quickly garnered serious attention with more than 170 thousand views and nearly 28 thousand likes.

For some celebrities, she gave confident responses, like:

"That is Anne Hathaway."

But for others, she was not so sure.

"Kardashian... family member."
"The movie 'Emma.' 'Emma.' Is it 'Emma'? 'Ellen'? 'Ellen.'"

For Kieran Culkin, she could not pick just one actor.

"Zendaya's boyfriend [Tom Holland]."
"No, no no no, that's not him."
"I know he was Batman [Robert Pattinson or Ben Affleck]. That's all I know!"

Fellow TikTokers were left laughing over Dix's mother's guesses.









Obviously, we all have our own interests and our own ways of passing our time, including being on and offline.

But there are certain celebrities that most of us know, no matter how involved in the entertainment industry we are. Discovering someone who has no idea who they are is honestly kind of refreshing.

And it's clear that the TikTok community would not be upset if Peyton Dix and her mother were to turn this guessing game into a long-term series.