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Obama Just Returned To The White House—And He Couldn't Help But Roast Biden In The Process

Obama Just Returned To The White House—And He Couldn't Help But Roast Biden In The Process
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former Democratic President Barack Obama returned to his old stomping grounds on Tuesday to give now President Joe Biden a run for his money at the podium. His first time back to the White House since his presidency made a comedic bang as he poked fun at his former Vice President.

In fact, when he first stepped up to the mic, Obama called President Biden "Vice President Biden."

Watch the clip below:

He dabbed up his old VP and dear friend after the room roared with laughter.

"That was a joke," he said.

He continued:

“That was all set up. My President, Joe Biden. Vice President Harris.”

Viewers got a kick out of it.

One viewer tweeted:

"Ah to have humor and fun in there again is so refreshing."

Others commented on the pair's endearing and dignified relationship.

One person commented:

"No insults. No lies. No threats."
"Just class from Obama and Biden today."
"These are real leaders."

Obama was visiting his old home of eight years for the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act which went into effect in March of 2010 during Obama's tenure. Since its enactment, the ACA has advanced health equity in the United States exponentially.

The old friends shared the floor once again to commemorate their achievement.

Continuing to poke fun, Obama noted the differences in the White House since his departure.

He said:

“I heard some changes have been made by the current President since I was last here."
"Apparently Secret Service agents have to wear Aviator glasses now."
"The Navy mess has been replaced by a Baskin Robbins."

You can watch the clip here:

Not even the Bidens' cat was spared.

Obama added:

"And there’s a cat running around."
"I guarantee you Bo and Sunny would have been very unhappy about it.”

Eventually, the former President got serious, saying:

"Most of all, coming back here gives me a chance to say thank you, and spend some time with an extraordinary friend and partner who was by my side for eight years."

However, he did manage to work in a cheeky nod to Biden's hot mic moment, when he called the Act "a big f**kin' deal" almost 11 years ago exactly. At the signing of the bill, Biden leaned over to the then-President and whispered the expletive that was meant for just Obama's ear.

Obama said over a decade later:

"We didn't get everything we wanted."
"That wasn't a reason not to do it."
"If you can get millions of people health coverage and better protection, it is to quote a famous American a pretty ... big deal."

Biden then performed a subtle sign of the cross.

See the video below:

Biden extended a special insurance policy enrollment window on the anniversary of the bill’s passing on Tuesday.

All jokes aside, it was a momentous day in Washington.