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NYC Restaurant Roasts Drunk Women After They Broke In And Tried To Cook Dumplings In Cold Water

NYC Restaurant Roasts Drunk Women After They Broke In And Tried To Cook Dumplings In Cold Water
Jason Wang/YouTube

After he became the unfortunate victim of a drunken breaking and entering, the owner of a NYC restaurant decided to return fire where it would hurt the perpetrators most: on Facebook, in full view of that fickle mob.

The lengthy, snarky Facebook post was penned by Jason Wang, the owner of New York City's Xi'an Famous Foods, a well-loved spot for authentic Western Chinese fare, with handmade dumplings and noodles attracting the most .

Although Xi'an Famous Foods, or XFF as it is sometimes called, boasts 15 locations across the NYC, one in particular was recently hit by a couple of drunk young women who decided to turn their staggered walk into a full-blown trespassing expedition.

In a video later posted by Wang, the women can be seen entering the kitchen, talking plenty of nonsense back and forth, and even rooting through the food supply for dumplings.

Their attempts to prepare the dumplings might have been impressive if they only knew how cooking worked at all.

They eventually gave up, grew nervous, and scurried out of the restaurant.

In his comical Facebook post following the invasion, Wang was careful to point this out when he reviewed the incident in full.

Wang began with how they made it inside that late at night.

"On 7/11/21 at around 12:30am, one of our stores' electronic lock unexpectedly disengaged due to a temporary power failure of the door mechanism."
"The next day, we noticed some food scattered around the kitchen (a couple of uncooked dumplings strangely dropped into the cooker, and a bun floating in water)."
"Staff were puzzled, as everything was properly cleaned and closed the night before. Thankfully, we have Nestcams, and we saw what happened..."

Then came the cooking critiques.

"So, two trespassers came in and started trying to cook dumplings (inexplicably, in cold water)."
"While we can respect that one has cravings for our food late at night, it is still trespassing, and it's really not OK for you to feel so entitled to be able to waltz into a commercial kitchen (even if the door was unlocked, it's still closed) and start fumbling with equipment and food."
"It's not legal, it's not safe for our guests or even yourselves. Yes, the food is just too good to pass up, it's like having a golden ticket to the XFF safe, but, no, don't."

Wang continued the Facebook post with a detailed review of some ridiculous dialogue between the two invaders.

He also offered the opportunity for them to compensate XFF directly before any police report was made.

That offer was apparently accepted, as a later update to the Facebook post showed.

"UPDATE: as of 7/13/21, the suspects have provided compensation for the food and cleaning, one has emailed their apology. It's a start, but I urged them to make video apologies so we can help post their accountability, as this situation is more than just about the impact on our business, but rather what it says about privilege in society."
"When we receive such videos, we will post it to replace this post to provide closure. Until then, this post will remain in order to be a place holder to inform people of this development and other development."

Check out Wang's full post below.

People who saw Wang's post were happy to join in and heap criticism on the trespassers.

Xi'an Famous Foods/Facebook

Xi'an Famous Foods/Facebook

Xi'an Famous Foods/Facebook

People who heard about the incident on Twitter had plenty of commentary to offer as well.

With neither suspect handing a video apology over to Xi'an Famous Foods yet, the internet is forced to wait and see how this saga unfolds.