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Twitter Has The Best Response To The NRA's Deep Financial Woes 🔥

Oh me, oh my, whatever shall we do? In a recent court filing, the National Rifle Association claims that it's in dire financial straits, and may even be "unable to exist" if the "legal battle with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and the state's financial regulators," isn't concluded soon.

Obviously, Twitter is distraught over this horrible and completely real news. To help the NRA through these hard times, many are offering the same help the organization has given shooting victims over the years: very "sincere" thoughts and prayers.

Other Twitter users, like comedian Chelsea Handler, pointed out the massive donations the NRA must have burned through if they're truly going bankrupt.

If the past is any indicator, the NRA doesn't want, and won't accept, anything but heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

There's something very satisfying about sending useless words to a failing NRA.

Hopefully, the organization truly needs them.

Good luck, NRA, sending thoughts and prayers (and nothing else) your way!

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