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Twitter Hilariously Informs All The People Who Don't Need To 'Worry About Biden's Tax Plan'

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images; @choboogi/Twitter

Incoming President Joe Biden released details of the tax plan he hopes to enact once he is inaugurated. It's pretty common that changing tax plans create a sense of anxiety in people.

Tax plans are complicated and full of all sorts of loopholes and angles. There's a reason people use accountants.

If you're one of the people who is nervous about a new tax plan, Twitter has you covered. Don't stress if you pouring over the new plan line-by-line isn't your thing.

There are lots of easy ways to know if you need to worry about Joe Biden's new tax plan. No need to be a tax professional.

Some people are more visual. That's okay. We got you, fam.

Biden's tax plan is expected to directly impact less than 1.5% of Americans.

You're probably fine.