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'It' Star Nicholas Hamilton Celebrates Pride With Sweet Song For His Boyfriend—And We're Swooning

Hamilton, who played deranged bully Henry Bowers in the recent horror films, released a new music video for his song 'Spins,' inspired by his boyfriend Jackson Tremblay.

Nicholas Hamilton
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

In the movie It, actor Nicolas Hamilton plays a bully named Henry Bower who terrorizes the other characters.

Six years after the movie's release, Hamilton honored LGBTQ+ Pride Month by releasing his new single.

The single—"Spins"—is a piano ballad Hamilton says was inspired by an intimate evening in New York with his boyfriend Jackson Tremblay.

In an interview withHuffPost, Hamilton talked about the evening that inspired the song.

“We went on our first date in March of last year, and we really liked each other, but it took a week for him to reach out again for another date."
"On the night he finally did, I’d already been drinking in the city, so I was a little bit tipsy. Even though I probably shouldn’t have gone out, I said yes.”

Spins is the second of four singles Hamilton plans to unveil.

The songs are moody ballads similar to Adele and Lewis Capaldi.

His EP Fate is due to release in October.

“I really like to write songs that mean something to me, where the words feel like I’m telling a story about myself and letting people in on a facet of me that they might not already know about."
"I really enjoy telling my story the way I want to tell it.”

You can hear the song here:

People on social media were very supportive of Hamilton's song.

The song is beautiful and the story it's based on is even more beautiful.